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Jung Joon Young paints the tracklist for his debut album


Jung Joon Young got artsy for his debut album tracklist by painting it on a wall near Hongik University with the help of art students!

The singer, who impressed with his debut single and pre-release "Spotless Mind", tried to do his best in helping out the art students, taping boundaries and painting the background. Laughs were brought when Jung Joon Young attempted to draw the guitar on the wall himself, but he ended up needing the art students to re-do his drawing.

In addition to the graffiti art, the singer also revealed the tracklist to his upcoming album through the decorated wall.
His agency CJ E&M stated, "The sound quality was the focus of this album which will showcase his thoughts on the sound of his music. Rather than giving a feeling of a mechanic sound, we teamed up with some of the best engineers in the studio to record a real sound that comes across like live music. The core of this album is the new color of music that stems from the high quality sound and rock music."


1. Spotless Mind (pre-release)
2. Really?
3. 10 Minutes Before Breaking Up (title track)
4. Be Stupid
5. A Number I Know
6. Take off Mask

Jung Joon Young will release his debut album on the 10th!

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