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Two Rookie Groups Bear The Same Name, One Of Which Is Too Fabulous

Two weeks ago, I learned that a rookie idol group NOM would be performing on October 3 at SM Southmall in Las Piñas City, located in southern Metro Manila.


Since I was not familiar about the group, I scoured on YouTube for videos and what I saw was not what I expected.

Am I seeing things? An idol group that emulates the fabulous Kazaky? I wonder if N.O.M. be able to pull off their vogue-ish routine in a "family-friendly" mall.

But something was not right. This group has only four members instead of five. I looked at the event poster again and that group has a completely different concept. After a few keyboard clicks, my suspicion was confirmed: two rookie groups, debuting almost at the same time, bear the same name and pronunciation (en-oh-em). The only way to distinguish one from the other, apart from the number of members and their style, is the way their name is typed.

As you may have noticed, the Kazaky-esque boys belong to a group called "N.O.M." which is an abbreviation of "Nature Of Man".

Their first digital single is "A Guys", which does remind you of synthpop realness one usually associates with Kazaky.

Meanwhile, the other group is called NOM (without the periods). Like N.O.M., NOM has recently released its debut single "Pretty Noona".

They are currently on a whirlwind Philippine tour, performing in Iloilo, Tarlac, Baguio, and Metro Manila.


But here's the thing: sooner of later, one of these groups will either give way and change their name or just sue each other so they'd be talked about.

Source: YouTube (1) (2), KPopSelca, Soompi, written by me

Sorry I messed up the code at first. You'd be able to read the full story by now. :)
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