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dsp says: kara wont get replacement members

After the news broke out that Nicole is not renewing her contract, speculations about recruiting new member stirred up. In response to this, DSP Media revealed to Star News on 6th that they don't have any plan to recruit new members for KARA.

A representative from DSP Media stated, "As Nicole hasn't showed any intention in renewing her contract, it will expire as scheduled on January next year." He added, "With Nicole's departure, we don't have any plan to recruit new member."

Further, "The foundation of each members are already firm, with KARA's current popularity, we are doubtful in adding new member. There are assumptions around that we are going to have new member, but because of the current situation, it would unlikely to happen. We would rather work with the established foundation."

Source: dkpopnews Their Source: Star

idk how to feel bc like.. im glad bc i donnt want some random acting like they are kara but i really came to like lim when she joined wg so i d k. i cant imagine them promoting as 3 so i guess its just done~ lets remember the good times. at least my princess haragoo is still here qq
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