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T.O.P Receives Rookie Award at BIFF's Asia Star Awards


Actor and singer T.O.P of Big Bang received a Rookie Award at the Asia Star Awards during the 18th Busan International Film Festival on October 5, 2013 in Busan, South Korea.

His agency YG Entertainment said, “(T.O.P) received the rookie award, given to a promising Asian actor of the year, at the Asia Star Awards at Park Hyatt Hotel in Busan on Oct 5.

The award was given out in four different categories. The Best Actor and Actress Award was given to the Hong Kong actor Jimmy Wang Yu (Movie, Soul) and Shahana Goswami (Movie, Vara: A Blessing), while Kim Byeong-woo received the Best Director Award for the movie The Terror Live.

After 3 years, since T.O.P made silver screen debut from Into the Fire in 2010, he received the Rookie Award with his latest movie The Commitment. The Commitment is a story about a North Korean sibling, Myung-Hoon (T.O.P) and his sick younger sister Hye-In (Kim Yoo-Jung), who are sent to a labor camp after their father was wrongfully accused and killed, where Myun-Hoon has no choice but to become a spy in South Korea to save his sister’s life.

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