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Bangtan post! Bangtan Bomb, a comic from their album, miscellaneous twitter updates

Jimin ft. the rest of Bangtan embarrassing themselves by dancing to Female President again

[3 more videos]


This guy… don’t hate me


Hello I’m Suga. Thanks a lot to the ARMYs who came from early morning to the pre-recording, I love you *kisses* :)

Today it’s October 4th, I’m angel 1004
i’m your angel i’m your hope @-@/
Defending Music Bank’s broadcast!!!

The always cheerful #BTS who finished their Music Bank stage happily o(*゚▽゚*)♥ Instead of posing with their bodies straight, they posed naturally. We’ve captured it. #We’ll_Be_Waiting_To_Receive_More_Ideas_For_Poses _For_Group_Photos #Today’s_Bangtan


ARMYs, did you enter well? Today we did Music Core at Yeongam but it seems like coming was really problematic.It’s really far! The ARMYs who go to see us everywhere are really amazing and I’m always thankful.

source: bangtantv + bangtansubs + arirangworld + Christie, Iraide @ bts-trans 1, 2, 3, 4

Loling at his terrible backup dancers...I hope they cleaned that tent though.

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