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An answer to a common question " what have epik high been doing these days"

Epik High have been performing at various concerts every 2-4 weeks.

More recent performances include Epik High performing at MYK's first autumn concert SALTNPAPER and 'kpop' concert in China

Setlist of MYK's concert (of epik high's featuring songs )include:

Lovestrong,Free Music,Excuses,Map The Soul (kr version), fly, love love love.
some fancams

more here

Epik High made weibo accounts

Tablo : Tablochina: Mithra: Mithrachina Tukutz: TukutzChina

Tablo broke his arm whilst in China

I went to the hospital emergency room in China. Shoulder fracture. It's really painful!

Translated by:

Even though he broke his shoulder he performed the next day at the Korean Drama Festival
Lots of fan were worried however Tablo told them not to worry
I didn't die so it's alright ^^ "@tmdandnjs_: @blobyblo ah... i'm so worried . i can't get away from the mentions (i.e the @blobyblo mention page ) please get well soon. I'm worried to death.


On the 4th he had to get a surgery for his shoulder.
On the 5th Haru (his daughter came to visit him)
Blog account translated by
"Did an exhausting surgery (iron is also inside his body) Sigh ㅠㅠ

Since the pain is really extreme Blo oppa cannot even sleep

But after his most beautiful daughter in the whole world gave him her most precious whale sticker to Tablo oppa made him smile for a while

Sigh ㅠㅠ even the pain killer isn’t enough for him

After the surgery in two days he only slept 5hrs in order to endure his pain sighㅠㅠ

Blo oppa- Haru I apologize since I cannot hug you

Haru- father Haru will heal you

Awww ㅠㅠ
I hope he gets better soon and want to see him play piano for Haru during the weekendsㅠ"

Mithra returns from his summer hibernation

Always feels good to be home. What's everyone doing
Dj Friz : i thought you were hacked. Mithra: no way , i've just been quiet and came back
Translated by

Tukutz & Ui (his wife) tweet adorable photos of Yoon Wu ( their son)

Tukutz: I'm your father

Yoon Wu~

Comeback hints?
Myk mentioned on the Sound K hiphop battle that Epik High are working on "something new"
Also rumoured comeback costumes info (take w/ a grain of salt) here

Bonus : Kang Hye Jung + Haru first public appearence together


Sources: IcarusWalks(translations of everything here +schedule info blogtrans,rumour,trans , fancams, china report , khj+haru, mithra tweet , tablo tweet), youtube (fancams), tablo's twitter, mithra's twitter, tukutz's twitter, (tweets)naver1,(blog entry)naver2,naver3,(news pics) dcgallery(rumour),

all translations are by Icarus Walks, do not take out without proper credit.

follow our twitter for the fastest epik high updates : @icaruswalksnet

to mods: all the things have been sourced directly idk what else you want to be sourced..? i'm the owner of the icarus walks and i was happy alr with how i sourced my own posts but i made it more direct now if that's what you meant idk :)

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