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T-ara to promote double title tracks, Eunjung revealed to have participated in the arrangement

On the 7th, T-ara's agency Core Contents Media said T-ara will release their 8th mini album "AGAIN" on the 10th with the double title tracks "Number Nine" and "I Know The Feeling."

"Number Nine" is composed by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyusung. It's a song that begins with a sensitive melody and intro and changes into an intense electric dance song with sorrowful and emotional lyrics, while "I Know The Feeling" is a sad and addictive medium-tempo that maximizes the emotion.

T-ara's agency said, "T-ara was supposed to only show a dance track for their comeback, but they wanted to show as many different images as possible.."

"I Know The Feeling" was composed by Baek Deoksang. The acoustic music arrangement was done in collaboration with T-ara's own member Eunjung after she expressed her desire to participate.

Eunjung said, "For the first time, I've helped participate in making T-ara's music. I had fun and learned with a open-heart and carefully prepared for it with QUEEN's in mind and am excited for them to hear it. The acoustic guitar melody shows off a different side of us (T-ara) and is a good song for autumn. I hope fans will like both 'Number Nine' and 'I Know The Feeling'."

T-ara's eighth mini-album "AGAIN" will be released on the 10th, and their music videos will be released on the same day.

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