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SJ Update: Kyuhyun leaving KBS's Mamma Mia! and other members news

Kyuhyun Chose Radio Star over Mamma Mia! 

Recently, “Mamma Mia” changed up their broadcasting schedule, but the change overlapped with MBC’s “Radio Star”. As a result, Kyuhyun had to choose which program he would stick with, and in the end, he picked “Radio Star”.
Currently, the production team is actively searching for a replacement, and also working with Kyuhyun on his final recording for “Mamma Mia”.

Henry on Star Magazine

[Full Interview + HQ scans]
I am curious what role do you play in Noize Bank?
H: I am mostly in charge of ideas and composition. Actually I also have a burning desire to write lyrics recently but my Korean is not good, my chinese is also not good. Only my English is not bad but that’s not going to work. It’s really a headache for me to write Korean or Chinese lyrics. So I have to work hard and work harder for lyrics writing.
D: Besides being a singer, you have your own band, compose for other singers, shoot movies and even cook. It seems like you can handle everything well. So is music your only choice?
H: Instead of saying it’s my only choice, I would rather say that I want to do more things. Like I would like to be a director, starting with shooting my own mv and shoot movies in future.
D: What impact does filming Final Recipe has on your life and music career?
H: Not being exaggerating, this movie changed my views on life. After filming the movie, I start to realize the real Henry. What kind of person Liu XianHua is. The director told me, to act a role, I must first understand myself. Hahaha, so while studying the script and the role, I was also evaluating myself. The process was complicated but the end result was good. I start to understand myself all over again during the filming. What is good about Henry and what is not, what he needs and what he must throw away, understanding myself all over from the beginning again. You can say that I have changed after filming the movie. I really understand my goals in life and music career now.
D: What are your goals?
H: I have many goals. Right now my biggest goal is to show everyone my music. Let my music become the OST of your lives. There are all kinds of OSTs in movies and there are also OSTs in life. I don’t wish for my music to lead peoples’ lives, I will be happy if my music is the bgm of others.
D: What is the meaning behind making cuisines?
H: The process of learning to cook and cooking itself let me realize the importance of sequence. One of the strict basic lessons from my teacher (chef) was the requirement to place each ingredient in their correct spots. In the past, I can’t say that I don’t have any habit for sequencing, I just have the habit of misplacing my stuff, I changed that while learning to cook. Also, timing is important in cooking. This is too important. Isn’t it like life? Everything is about timing (opportunities).
D: If you are to describe life with a dish, what will it be?
H: There isn’t a specified one but there is a certain type. That is frying. Don’t laugh! I am serious. What I am most confident of right now is, give me a frying wok and I can settle the dining table. Give me any ingredient and I can fry something for you. The speciality of Chinese food is the final product is always totally different from the original ingredient, isn’t it? This is like life. Many elements of life like people, events, opportunities and goals are all in our own hands, it’s just like frying a dish.

Henry on Weekly Idol

[Surprise Guest: Kyuhyun]
In the recording, when asked which SJ member Henry contacts most often via phone, Henry chose Kyuhyun and called him at the recording. MC hyungdon asked Kyuhyun “where are you right now? Henry is alone, come see him”, half jokingly, and soon, Kyuhyun really came to the recording location and made everyone surprised. He happened to have schedule near by. MC Hyungdon, surprised by his sudden visit, said “You are Super Junior member but you really came because we asked you to.”
Kyuhyun said “I’m not busy today.” , “I was worried after hearing that he’s appearing on here alone.”, and showed affection for Henry. He also stayed till the end.

Henry on Cool Kiz on The Block (eng. subs)

Omona's Bastard Prince (aka Heechul) writes FanFiction

[EunSiHae Erotic friend fiction]

DongHae and Eunhyuk were lovers
They loved each other so much, everyone was jealous.

But one day,
Donghae told Eunhyuk-ee, let’s break up.
But Eunhyuk-ee loved Donghae so much
So he wasn’t able to say a word

Wasn’t able to say ‘Don’t go.’
Donghae just turned around and was leaving
And Eunhyuk wasn’t able to say anything.

Eunhyuk just followed Donghae, no plans of what to do.
And saw Donghae meet up with Siwon-ee.

Eunhyuk-ee hid, and watched the two
He was shocked but,

“I broke up with Eunhyuk-ee. Don’t touch him every again, and don’t bother him.”

“I don’t want to. How can I believe you? If you date me, I’ll believe that.”

“I only have Eunhyuk-ee”

Then, Siwon-ee grabbed some gasoline
And poured it on Donghae’s body.
Siwon-ee grew angry and
“The only ways I can believe that you broke up with Lee Hyukjae is that you date me, or die by my hands.”

Donghae said “I will die”

Then, before Siwon-ee turned on the lighter
He asked Donghae if he has any final words
Do you know what Donghae said?

“Eunhyuk-ah, close your eyes.”

Soldiers of the Light (and Shisus) version of I Stand

[Behind the Scenes] Last Nov. At studio recording w @siwon407 @jlgoose & famed producer Bobby Shin from Nashville

Now Yesung it's on Instagram
@shfly3424: made an Instagram ^^ umha~ with Yunho, who came to play at Mouse Rabbit^^

and  Heenim Revenge

Forgetting you would hurt more than this.. The reason Kangin got hit- He spilled my crackers. So he got hit by me, Donghae, and Ryeowook-ee. To be honest, recording was finished, but we pretended that we’re still recording, and hit him 3 more rounds^.~ Today’s lesson: Do not spill Heenim’s crackers.

Goodbye kisses? anyone?

Sources: [1|2|3|4], Youtube [1|2], 3rd Wave [Twitter/Youtube] ,NKsubs, Heechul's Instagram,Yesung's Instagram,GIF
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