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Yoon Do Hyun to Feature in Jae’s New Album

It wouldn’t be rock without Yoon Do Hyun.

On October 8, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong uploaded a video on his Instagram, introducing some people in the recording studio. To everyone’s surprise, Yoon Do Hyun appeared in the video, making fans speculate the rocker’s participation in Kim Jae Joong’s upcoming solo album.

C-JeS Entertainment later confirmed the fact saying Yoon Do Hyun will be working on Kim Jae Joong’s first official album. Kim Jae Joong, who has always respected Yoon Do Hyun, asked the rocker for a song, which Yoon Do Hyun happily complied.

The agency added that there will be many surprises to come in Kim Jae Joong’s first album as well.

It will be released on October 15.

Source: Mwave, @bornfreeonekiss
Tags: collaboration, comebacks, jaejoong

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