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This is an IU post :D

IU achieves a perfect all-kill with 'The Red Shoes'


IU is continuing to dominate, achieving a perfect all-kill with her latest title track "The Red Shoes"!

It seems the wait and effort put into reinventing herself with a more mature image and change in music has definitely paid off for IU as she's continuing to reign even several days after release.

The songstress achieved a certified all-kill earlier by sweeping all the charts, but by also placing #1 on the weekly iChart on Instiz, she has now achieved a perfect all-kill ("PAK") as well!

IU gets locked in her dressing room backstage on 'M! Countdown'


IU experienced a mishap backstage before her comeback stage on 'M! Countdown'.

The singer managed to get locked in her own dressing room. A LOEN Entertainment rep shared the accident on Twitter, "With the door locked, the doorknob fell off. Ah it's not funny. IU-nim is stuck inside," and shared a photo of staff trying to fix the broken doorknob on IU's dressing room.

Although the situation is definitely not something to laugh about if you were in IU's shoes, the way the staff looked into the peephole in helplessness left fans laughing at the odds of such an accident happening. Hopefully, it's a sign of good luck.

Fans commented, "I heard IU was successfully released", "It's a serious situation, but it's funny at the same time", and "She must have been flustered."

IU will perform her title track "The Red Shoes" for the first time on tonight's 'M! Countdown'!

Comeback Performance

Modern Times & Between The Lips & The Red Shoes

Behind the Scenes


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