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Hwang Jungeum sends a message to T-ara, "You have suffered a lot, but be happy now"

Actress Hwang Jungeum left a message of support for her friends T-ara!

On the 11th through her blog account, Hwang Jungeum posted, "Pretty T-ara dongsaengs album came out! I can see their maturity. Their hearts suffered a lot, but now, promote happily and prettily." She also included a picture of their new album.

T-ara's image has transformed from their traditional image into a sexy image. They exposed their smooth legs and dark makeup - a sexy charm.

T-ara's mini album "Again" has double title tracks, both which have appeal as emotional songs with compelling lyrics.

Hwang Jungeum is currently in the KBS2 drama "Secret" and her words of support for T-ara have caught attention.

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