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Justin Bieber and kpop stars party at a club for Jay Park's AOMG launch event & after party

Justin Bieber found an awesome crowd to hang out with during his stay in Korea, joining several top idol stars for a party at a club!

The first event of the night was Jay Park's AOMG launch event held at club THE A in Yeoksamdong of Gangnam, Seoul which was filled with fun performances that got everyone in the mood for the party to continue. It then transitioned into an after-party for Justin Bieber's concert, making Gangnam the place to be on this night.

Some of the stars spotted at the club were G-Dragon, CL, Dara, Hyoyeon , Jo Kwon , Seulong, Jun.K, Wooyoung, Min, Jia, Lim, Ga In, Kangin, Ryeowook, G.NA, Jung Gyu Woon, among others. (For clarification, some guests arrived for AOMG's launch event which started earlier on, while some arrived after the event transitioned into an after-party for Justin Bieber's concert. However, it is hard to say who exactly was there from the start of the AOMG party and who came afterwards for the events were at the same club and flowed into one another)
more pics from the event under the cuts:

+ reunion of Adam Couple

"I met Son Ga In, who I haven't seen in a while, yesterday."
Tags: cl, foreign celebrities, g-dragon, hyoyeon, jay park, jo kwon, jun.k, miss a, wooyoung

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