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The previews for songs on 2PM's new single Winter Games revealed + PV preview

On 2013/10/16 2PM's 7th japanese single 'Winter Games' will be released. Tower Records shared the previews of all tracks and the tracklist on their official website.

short PV

stay here preview

CBWYHTS preview

tracklist under the

1. Winter Games

  • Lyrics > Super Changddai (143v) 、 渡辺なつみ 、 Michael yano

  • Composer > Super Changddai (143v)

  • Arrangement >Super Changddai (143v)

2. Stay Here

  • Lyrics > Hong Ji Sang 、 Min Lee “collapsedone” 、 渡辺なつみ 、 Michael yano

  • Composer > Hong Ji Sang 、 Min Lee “collapsedone”

  • Arrangement > Hong Ji Sang

3. C.W.Y.H.T.S (Jap.Ver) [Bonus Track]  

  • Lyrics >  J.Y.Park 、 渡辺なつみ 、 Michael yano

  • Composer >  J.Y.Park

  • Arrangement >  J.Y.Park  、 Hong Ji Sang

4. Winter Games (Instrumental)  

  •    Composer > Super Changddai (143v)

  •    Arrangement > Super Changddai (143v)

5. Stay Here (Instrumental)

  •    Composer > Hong Ji Sang 、 Min Lee “collapsedone”

  •    Arrangement > Hong Ji Sang 、 Min Lee “collapsedone

Winter games promotion has started already, and now you can even ride a 2PM train.

cr: tower records , youtube , vimeo
Tags: 2pm, jyp entertainment

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