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Lunafly in Malaysia @ 365 with Lunafly

Intimate moments of ’365 With Lunafly’ in Malaysia

After a warm welcome from the fans in March 2013, Lunafly is back in Malaysia to perform yet another exclusive showcase titled ‘365 With Lunafly’ on 12th October 2013 at Taylors University Lakeside Campus Malaysia. The show is organized by M.E Malaysia, in conjunction of Lunafly’s first anniversary since their debut.

’365 With Lunafly’ consists of two sessions; ‘Superhero Day’ show and ‘Fly to Love’ night show. Lukies, which is the official fanclub name of Lunafly, were definitely in for a fabulous treat as Lunafly members presented themselves with new songs, sprinkled with some familiar favorites and covers at the showcase.

The ‘Superhero Day’ event began when all three members Sam, Teo and Yun entered the venue, greeting fans. As fans started to raise their fan boards to catch the boys’ attention, Sam quickly noticed and complimented them for their hard work in preparing the boards to welcome them.

Lunafly turned on their performance first with the following tracks; Seeing You or Missing You, followed by their debut song How Nice Would It Be, continued with One More Step and a cover of P!nk ‘s Just Give Me A Reason. As fans sang along to their contented hearts, the band was impressed and complimented Lukies in Korean; “잘했어요” (Jalhaesseoyo / Well Done)!

Before moving on to the next song, the boys surprised the audience by introducing a hot-of-the-oven track written a month ago. Lucky Lukies who attended the event, were among the first to be able to watch and listen to Lunafly performing the song live. The song titled Can’t Stop the Rain is a mellow genre track, beautifully composed by all three members. The song swooned all the fans’ hearts, leaving them depriving for more.

After this surprise gift, the boys had more tricks up their sleeves as Sam exclaimed: “The next song is neither in English nor Korean! I’m sure when you hear the song, you will know. So please do sing along.” Indeed, it came as a surprise to everyone as Lunafly performed a famous Chinese song, Qing Fei De Yi (情非得已 / Can’t Help Falling In Love With You). Lunafly again proved their talents as they performed the song with clear, precise and accurate Chinese pronunciation, much to the amazement of the fans.

The showcase continued with covers from world idols Backstreet Boys, of the track As Long As You Love Me, Ne-Yo’s With You and being a fan of Justin Timberlake, they also covered Mirrors. The members also performed their popular tracks Yeowoya, Stardust, I Won’t Let You Go, and What Is Your Name.

As Yun asked the crowd for tissue paper, eager fans quickly threw their packets of tissue on stage to offer to him. Teo picked up a Hello Kitty packet tissue and hid inside his ‘Lunafly Box’. Sam commented that: “Teo always have strange things in that box. There were once there’s a sock inside!” Admitted by the man himself, Teo sometimes even hides his snacks and chocolates in the box too!

The showcase ended with fans dancing and singing along to upbeat songs, namely Innocent and Young, followed by Fly to Love. To mark the end of the meaningful affair, Lukies Malaysia collaborated with fellow Lukies of other countries, namely Spain, Singapore, USA, Peru, Mexico and Panama, and prepared a special fan video for their beloved idols. The 1st year anniversary party showcase ended with a birthday cake-cutting ceremony. The two-hour long showcase was a thorough intimate affair with the audience, delivering solid music and close interaction. It marks a truly meaningful milestone for Lunafly and Lukies.

Check out the photos and the videos below!

The Showcase opening with the boys dancing to Bar Bar Bar and Seeing You or Missing You performance:

[Seeing You or Missing You]

[How Nice Would It Be]

[Just Give Me A Reason]


Check out the snippet of the brand new pre-released song here:

[Can't Stop the Rain]

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I know people who went to the shows, and it was incredible! (I was involved in the fan video and fan book they got.) There was also a magazine launch on Sunday (it was about Lunafly), fanmeeting, fan date, and probably other events I don't remember. Did anyone from Omona go?

The clip of Cant' Stop the Rain can be found at the source. Lunafly asked fans to put away cameras and phones before they sang it, and I want to respect that. Oh and more amazing fancams to be posted below in the comments.

Edit: Apparently I was mistaken about CSTR. I added the vid in.
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