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Bunch of Jae related news

Are you ready for Jaejoong’s ‘A Sunny Day’ tomorrow?


By tomorrow! The sensitive ballad that’ll make everyone’s autumn much more sentimental! Kim Jaejoong’s first full solo album song will be released tomorrow at 12 noon via through every music sites and iTunes. Please look very much forward to it^^

Kim Jaejoong collaborates with M.PIRE for their upcoming song “On My Mind”


M.PIRE’s ‘On My Mind’ will be released on October 30th, it’s a song composed, arranged, and written by Kim Jaejoong.


Kim Jaejoong’s teaser cut intense images… meaning of the bandage?


Teaser images for singer Kim Jaejoong’s 1st regular solo album have been released and have raised the expectations.

On the 14th, teaser pictures have been disclosed thru JYJ’s official Facebook page. The teaser has a dream-like atmosphere where you can see Kim Jaejoong wrapped in bandage. The other teasers contain pictures which include a clock in a drip pack, hieroglyphics, and a graffiti on a concrete wall, etc.

According to Kim Jaejoong’s agency, the theme for the new album called WWW, which is the abbreviation for Who, When, Why, was decided by Kim Jaejoong himself. Kim Jaejoong participated by writing most of the tracks which mostly centered on his philosophy about love.

The agency also said,“The images also signifies Kim Jaejoong’s determination to break away from the set image and prejudice against him by standing on his own two feet firmly on the ground. He also wants to express that freedom is not unconscious resistance for people but it’s the ability to express themselves as they are.”

Kim Jaejoong will release the track ‘Sunny Day’ on online music stores starting tomorrow, Oct 15 at 12 noon KST. The album will be officially released on the 29th and he will kick off his Asia tour with a concert in COEX Seoul on Nov 2-3.

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Gets Ready to Break Away in Latest Set of Teaser Images for First Solo Studio Album “WWW”

Are you ready? JYJ‘s sexy rockstar Jaejoong is.

Jaejoong’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, released a set of image teasers on the group’s official Facebook page with the message “WWW.” The images never show the singer directly, instead focusing on Jaejoong’s tattoos on his back and feet. Along with images of the singer, there are pictures of medical equipment set in a background of disarray, as well as a picture of charcoal doodles on a wall of monstrous entities. These images preview a dark, gothic concept to Jaejoong’s upcoming album and set the mood for the singer’s transformation.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The ‘WWW’ stands for ‘Who, When, Why?” which is the theme that Jaejoong chose for the album. Jaejoong wrote most of the lyrics for this studio album, and he incorporated his dissection of love in the songs.” It continued, “This set of image teasers also portrays Jaejoong’s determination to break away from the set image and prejudices about him. Wishing to portray the message that freedom is not unconscious resistance but the ability to express oneself, Jaejoong suggested many ideas while filming the teaser.”

Jaejoong will release his first studio album, “WWW,” October 29, but beforehand, tomorrow, he will reveal a track from his album that is described as a ballad that is like autumn. Then starting November 2, Jaejoong will hold his “2013 Kim Jae Joong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert” in Seoul.

Jaejoong and Hiro in the recording studio ♡


Source: JYJ3 1, 2, 3, 4, JYJ Naver LINE, KOMCA via @rubypurple_fan, Nate, soompi
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3, Ruby (@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3, @ohmyjunsu
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