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Girl’s Day Releases "Let's Go" MV For Samsung’s Passionate Youth Campaign

Girl’s Day Passionate Youth campaign song “Let’s GO”, revenue to be donated.

Dream T representative said, “In collaboration with Samsung Group’s Passionate Youth campaign which aims to communicate with university students, Girl’s Day has released “Let’s GO” to bring comfort and courage to the youth.”

In particular, with the cheerful rhythm and repetitive “Let’s go”, the chorus was impressive. Girl’s Day leader Sojin participated in the composition of the song personally.

Sojin said, “In May I was invited to a Passionate Youth performance as a guest and was moved by the passion of the crowd. This time, it is an honor for Girl’s Day to be able to represent the girl groups and produce a song to instill dreams and courage in university students.”

Proceeds from the song will be fully donated and the music video containing the energetic appearance of the girls can be seen at the scene of Passionate Youth Season 5.

Source : LOENENT , sportsseoul with translation from girlsdaydaily

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