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Kim Dongwan leaves Shinhwa Broadcast

Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan, leaves Shinhwa Broadcast and to focus on group Shinhwa’s full album and promotions as an actor


"Shinhwa" Kim Dongwan has left JTBC’s "Shinhwa Broadcast".

Kim Dongwan will be leaving JTBC’s “Shinhwa Broadcast”, which will air this November, and will meet fans as an actor for the time being.

What made Kim Dongwan decide to leave “Shinhwa Broadcast”, was the judgement that it was tiring, both mentally and physically, to have been making fixed appearances on a variety programme while he was concurrently carrying out Shinhwa’s group activities and promotions as an actor.

Regarding this, Kim Dongwan seeked the understanding of the Shinhwa members and the producers, and has decided to leave “Shinhwa Broadcast” season 2, that will start airing on 3rd November.

On this, a representative from Liveworks Company said, “In order to show a better side of himself, Kim Dongwan reluctantly left ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’. Kim Dongwan is immensely apologetic towards the Shinhwa members as well as the fans who have been waiting for ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ as well,” adding, “Although Kim Dongwan will not be making a fixed appearance on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ all year round, he’ll be even more focused on Shinhwa’s next year’s 12th full album comeback, in accordance with Shinhwa’s 16th anniversary, and will continue to repay as actor Kim Dongwan, so please watch over him warmly.”

Kim Dongwan will once again be showing his transformation as an actor through musical “Le Passe-muraile”, with him in the lead role as “Dutilleul”, which will be playing at the Daehakro Arts Centre, Hongik University, Seoul, from 13 November (Wed) till 26 January (Sun), and will return to the music industry through Shinhwa’s 12th full album next year first half of the year.

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I know he wasn't there before but I guess this means he will never come back in Shinhwa Broadcast.

source:, malpabo.tumblr
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