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Shin Ji Hoon from Kpop Star 2 debut single teasers!

Heo Gayoon couples with Kim WonJoong in Shin JiHoon’s MV teaser
Girl group 4minute’s Heo Gayoon and Kim WonJoong are main leads in Shin JiHoon’s teaser video.

A 40-seconds teaser video, revealed through Cube Entertainment’s official Youtube channel today, has garnered much attention. In the said teaser, with a lyrical ballad melody as music background, Heo Gayoon and model Kim WonJoong come together as lovers in which Gayoon expressed her mixed and complicated feelings upon a breakup.

Scenes where seasons and places interchange and its pictorial-like cuts further attract attention.
The said video is a teaser for SBS ‘KPOP Star Season 2′ Shin JiHoon’s upcoming debut song. Despite the short 40-seconds, Shin JiHoon’s vocals stood out in the video.

Cube Entertainment previously announced Shin JiHoon’s debut as well as hinting that the title track is written and composed by BEAST member Yong JunHyung.

source: theunitedcube 1, 2, osen translated by loveindacube

Shin JiHoon to debut soon, “Singing and figure skating are my dreams”
Shin JiHoon is soon to make her debut as a singer.
The SBS survival audition ‘K-POP Star 2′ contestant who had shown off her blue voice yet explosive vocals will finally debut as a singer.

Agency Cube DC expressed that Shin JiHoon will be debuting with a lyrical ballad ‘Right There’ on 16th October. The said song is produced by BEAST member Yong JunHyung and composer Kim TaeJoo.

Last week, Shin JiHoon’s debut was announced and Cube has released a pictorial-like teaser for ‘Right There’ with the help of fashionable 4minute’s Heo Gayoon and model Kim WonJoong. The teaser immediately became a top real-time search keyword after its release, as fans’ anticipation rose for her upcoming debut. Her vocals in ‘Right There’ left fans wondering who could be the singer, and it was later revealed that it was indeed Shin JiHoon’s voice.

Today (10th October), yet another teaser video was released through their official youtube channel, where it introduces Shin JiHoon’s strong faith in both her dreams as a singer and as a figure skater. The video also portrayed Shin JiHoon’s past memories and her new happiness as well as her dedicated look to work even harder in the future.

The narration for the video goes, “Every morning when I open my eyes till I close my eyes, I imagine myself in both singing and at the skating ring. People asks me what’s my real dream in between singing and figure skating.I don’t want to give up either one. Both singing and figure skating are my dreams. (If you ask me) Aren’t you afraid? I believe that with hard work, I can realize my dreams. My story about my dreams starts now.”

Meanwhile, Shin JiHoon signed with Cube Entertainment’s subsidiary, Cube DC in June, joining a list of roster including Rain, Roh JiHoon, BtoB and actor Kwak SeungNam. This is Shin JiHoon’s first release since joining the company and has gained strong anticipation from music fans.
source: theunitedcube, newsen translated by loveindacube

source: cube's fb

when cube signed her, i thought they'll wait with her debut... anyways, i hope she does well :) kudos for trying her best in both figure skating and singing!
where's roh ji hoon's comeback??
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