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K.Will comeback news post

As we reported yesterday, K.Will will be making his comeback later this week.

As he is facing some tough competition, he revealed 3 hilarious teasers. In the first teaser, K.Will is in a coffee shop where he can overhear a couple saying SHINee & IU came back but there's someone else coming back too. They're confused and wonder who it is (nugu?) so K.Will makes a loud sneeze saying, "K.Will". In the second teaser, he gets depressed while reading various articles of SHINee's & IU's comebacks, so he looks at the camera and says, "Please Help Me". In the final teaser, he's in the same coffee shop and as the couple talks about IU's & SHINee's comebacks, he walks up to them and says, "I'm coming back next week".

K.Will is coming back with the title track, "Why Are You Being So Countrified". The song will be an acoustic modern R&B with a main guitar melody, written by Duble Sidekick. It has an acid jazz piano base, along with a soft groove and a retro R&B rhythm, all coated with K.Will's famous soft voice.

K. Will will make his return on October 18, so stay tuned to allkpop omona for more information!

Source: akp + starshiptv

With the tough competition this month in the music market, K.Will is pulling out all the stops to help promote his upcoming release. In addition to the hilarious video teaser earlier, the talented soloist is now turning heads with the release of still cuts from his music video featuring EXO's Chanyeol for the title track, "Why Are You Being So Countrified"!

Starship Entertainment unveiled the MV still cuts of Chanyeol holding model Lee Ho Jung tenderly in his arms. ZANYBROS' Hong Won Ki, the director behind the MV, shared, "The theme of the music video portrays the feelings of a man and woman who separate but can't forget each other and find themselves performing the same type of actions as one another even while alone in different places. In the music video, the two are not ex-lovers but people who just can't be together and miss one another. Despite their young age, Chanyeol and Lee Ho Jung expressed the feelings of love and farewells 200% so I would like to give them a high score for their acting skills."

"Why Are You Being So Countrified" is an acoustic R&B track by hitmaking producer team Duble Sidekick and will get fans grooving along to its jazzy melody and retro R&B rhythm, all coated with K.Will's refined voice.

Wait for the music video which will be released along with K.Will's 4th mini album on the 18th!

Source: akp
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