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4minute slaughters 2NE1 and rightfully moves up in 2013 girl group ranking

The competition between girl groups has been keen in 2013 as well. Starting off the year with SNSD’s “I Got A Boy”, Sistar, 2NE1, 4minute, etc have released new albums and had promoted actively. They also had other remarkable activities. Doing CFs and pictorials, as well as participating and making an appearance in various events to raise awareness.

Dispatch has ranked girl groups in order according to their activities grades in 2013. Music and records scores, Youtube views, Amount of no.1 wins on music shows, Amount of no.1’s on overseas iTunes chart, fancafe members, and so on. However, in cases where they promoted several songs we’ll be going by the song with the highest score only.

The combined results went as followed. Topping in all areas with overwhelming scores, SNSD has taken over the no.1 spot on the final ranking. 2nd spot is Sistar, has received the highest scores in the music section in particular. 3rd spot is F(x), their foreign popularity and records sales were exceptional. 4th spot is 4minute, and 5th spot is 2NE1.

◆ 4th spot. 4minute…”girl group music gang”

4minute has held their ground in the music section. In the past April, their 4th mini-album, “What’s Your Name”, took over the first place on the Gaon chart for cumulative sales. Regardless of the low scores on overseas iTunes Chart and amount of fancafe members, they were able to entirely take over the 4th spot by just their music scores. The success of “What’s Your Name” has made them a steady position on the top-ranks.

They also scored high on stage activities. First of all, on the events section, Known as the industry’s fashionista, Heo Gayoon’s was outstandingly active. On the CF section, It was thanks to Hyuna’s activities. Their Youtube views and album sales scored high as well.

source: dispatch & 4mf
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