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SPICA share their exercise routines and makeup advice in their sweet pictorial for 'Campus 10'

The SPICA members showed off their beauty and shared their best tips with fans for their pretty pictorial with 'Campus 10'!

SPICA looked lovely in the colors of fall and amped up their makeup to highlight their beauty even more.

During the interview with the magazine, SPICA gave some pointers on how they keep in shape. "Rather than the running machine, we run 6 km (~3 miles) around the Han River and Seokchon Lake," the girls said. Jiwon also revealed her makeup tips as she said, "To attract the opposite sex, it is better to wear a reddish lip tint product rather than a glossy one. Rather than going for a bold, intense color, it's important to stick to the colors that look more pure and innocent."

Look at their lovely pictorial below!

[Juhyun & Jiwon]SPICA_1381900505_af_org
[Narae with freckles]SPICA_1381900513_20131016_SPICA_2

Love Jiwon's hair colour here *__* but only Narae still has the same hair colour - Juhyun & Bohyung are now black, Boa's pinkish-blonde and Jiwon blonde!
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