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Actor Cha In Pyo’s Younger Brother Passes Away From Oral Cancer

It has been reported that actor Cha In Pyo‘s younger brother, Cha In Seok, passed away after battling oral cancer on October 17.

Cha In Seok graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in economics and went on to work in the financial industry as an executive officer for a foreign bank.

With the news of Cha In Seok’s death, Cha In Pyo’s old TV appearances where he talked about his brother has recently recievedrenewed interest. In March of this year the actor appeared as a guest on the show “Healing Camp” and spoke proudly about his siblings, “My scores were just average but my older and younger brother did well. My younger brother is currently working for a foreign bank.”

During his appearance on “Thank You” he shared about the difficulties they went through growing up, “I grew up under a self-made father but my parents divorced when I entered junior high, and it was difficult. In order not to hurt my mother any more, my two siblings and I skipped our childhood and grew up. My two siblings studied well in school. My older brother ranked first in the Seoul practice tests and was accepted into the Electrical Engineering program at Seoul National University. My younger brother works for a foreign bank, and I regret that I couldn’t do anything for him.”

The funeral for Cha In Seok will be held at a memorial park in Seoul on October 19.

source: Soompi (Original article: Nate)

:( Condolences to his family. May his brother RIP.
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