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B.A.P for High Cut Japan

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We want to know more!
B.A.P’s private talk

All 6 of you are currently living together in a dorm. Are there any rules?

DH: Hmm~ For the showering order, it’s Yongguk, then Himchan. But when I’m tired, I sometimes go before them… (laughs). Usually it’s by age order. Anything is.
What do you do about meals at the dorm?
YJ: Himchan cooks us food! He’s our mom.
HC: It’s probably because I can cook. It’s like cooking=mom… (laughs). I make things like kimchi chige and fried rice.
JU: Ah! For my entrance exam he cooked me something special. He put butter and eggs on top of seasoned meat! It was really good.
Describe the other members as a family?
DH: Bang Yongguk would be the dad, Youngjae the eldest son and me the second eldest.
YG: Dad… But I’m the same age as Himchan. Well, because of his face Jongup looks the same age as me (laughs).
YJ: I think I’m more of a relative, an uncle. Why? Don’t I give off a kind vibe?

Is there food you want to try in Japan?
HC: Sushi and sashimi.
YG: Tuna.
HC: Only Yongguk and I like sashimi. The other members can’t eat raw fish.
YG: Except me they all like meat. I don’t really like meat…
HC: When we celebrate we always have samgyupsal (N/T: fatty pork belly). That’s why he doesn’t like it (laughs).
JU: I just thought about this now but, coming to Japan Youngjae also speaks Japanese, I feel
like I’m the only one in a 4th dimension.

I noticed this when doing the interview. You are all good at Japanese.
HC: Me, Youngjae and Daehyun are in charge of Japanese. The other three are in charge of English.
YJ: I started with hiragana 2 years ago. But I started studying seriously maybe 6 months ago. Everyone is doing their best at studying.

Any Japanese you learned recently?
YJ: “Lyrics.” Because the lyrics to our music are important. We use it a lot when explaining so I learned it.
DH: “As I thought”, “I see.” Interviewers use it a lot, and it’s often used in manga.

What do you want to try in Japan?
HC: I want to try acting and appearing in variety TV programs. But it’s something I can’t do without speaking Japanese so I have to study more. Do you know the Japanese drama “Stand Up”? It stars Kazunari Ninomiya and YamaP. It’s a funny, sitcom-like drama. My older sister was a NEWS fanclub member (laughs). She even went to their concert (laughs). That’s why I was interested in Japan since I was a kid.
DH: All the members like Japanese anime, movies, dramas and manga.
Z: I like the manga “Naruto.”
YG: (in Japanese) BABYz, let’s go to the convenience store together!
HC: It’s Yongguk’s favourite phrase. He’s been saying it all the time lately. Japanese convenience stores are amazing! Dango (N/T: sweet rice balls)! We were told they were good and tried them, and they really were good.
YG: I like melon bread.
HC: I want to go shopping in Japan. All the members really like shoes, and we all buy a lot of them. We have our arena tour in Japan from November so I really want to go shopping then~

Finally, what dream do you want to realize in Japan in a year?
YJ: I think it will be hard to accomplish in one year, but I really want to hurry and have a Dome tour. (N/T: domes are bigger venues than arenas)
YG: We’ll work hard so it can come true!

“At Japan, we’re newbies. So, we want to work hard as though we are back to our first state.”

Debut in Japan ―What We Think Now―

Finally! “B.A.P” who is known as the last big game has launched off with their Japan debut. As the brother image of girl idol group Secret, they graced their history with “WARRIOR” in January 2012, their powerful Korean debut. At first, everyone was blonde. A large amount of idols had released their debut stage, in such a stampede, with the new visual and vigorous dance, together with the manly charismatic music attracted of course teens, but also overseas Medias and core K-POP core fans. They did comebacks with a gap of averagely 3 months, and centering their favorite style, Hip-Hop, they sang R&B and even Pops, thus by the time 2012 was over, the top group of Korean idols was their place. Such guys came here with a deep history. How do you feel now?

“At Japan, we are newbies. So, we want to work hard like we used to in our debut times in Korea. We want to know more of Japan, and come to Japan, a lot, meet a lot of fans, and we want to be happy.” (Bang YongGuk). Yes, Japan debut is not an easy thing. They already know groups that have already debuted in Japan. Thus, they must be feeling it more than anyone.

Sound & Rap ―Each Charm and Individuality―

This man, “B.A.P”’s leader, Bang YongGuk, although young, can be thought as a talented producer. To him who sometimes even composes his songs, we asked him how he gets inspirations, he says “I sometimes write about a story I want to tell of, or sometimes I suddenly think of it while looking at a picture, or reading a book. Once I think of an idea, I write it down, and sometimes ask others’ opinions. Yesterday, while I was showering, I felt I was sexy and so I wrote it (laughs).” (Bang YongGuk)

We could not refrain from laughing for his answer with a straight face. We asked if we can listen to that song one day, and he answered “I have hundreds of songs that I wrote like that… (laughs). Someday I hope to present them.” (Bang YonngGuk), with his eyes smiling, he spoke mischievously. Speaking of “B.A.P”, Bang YongGuk’s low note raps and the maknae, ZERO (translator note: possible typo in magazine)’s LTE rap are famous. About the rap, at ZERO’s age (In Korean age he is 17), people with such fluency of words are rare. “If you say that, I’m happy. ‘B.A.P’’s rap lyrics are all written by YongGuk hyung, but he writes it so that it fits me whose type is different, so that might be a reason for the good comments,” he gave an answer that showed great rely on each other in musical faces.

Vocal & Dance ―With Natural Talent and Hard Work―

The vocal line with a charm of a singing voice with stretches, DaeHyun, together with YoungJae, are the same age. Of course on the stage’s harmony, the two who are very close in private are good buddies. “We have different music styles. That’s why we are close.” YoungJae, who speaks, is a calm, serious one. In contrast, DaeHyun is one that fits the image of a ‘young boy’. He is very pure. We asked him when he realized that he was good at singing, he answered, “During a live concert. As an encore, when we sang ‘Good Bye’.” (DaeHyun). When we told him that we watched the live in Korea, he joked, “Oh! Sorry, I was lying. (laughs)” Then, what songs were difficult since debut? “This time round, in the Japanese songs, in ‘POWER’’s pronunciation, the ‘tsu’ and ‘chi’. Also, all the high notes are difficult…” (DaeHyun). He must be feeling the burden that only main vocals understand in this Japanese debut.

To JongUp who is in charge of dance, we asked how he started dance. “At first my friend was in a dance circle, and since I was close to him, at first I was just watching him. Later, I started doing it with him, then I started feeling interest in it. Since then once I was back from school, I would go to dance.” (JongUp). He loves dance. No one can argue for the marvellous abs. Remembering from ‘abs’, YoungJae was famous on the internet for a period of time due to his ‘stomach’. We asked him if he is close to being a chocolate abs. “No no! (laughs) There’s still a long way to go. The charm of showing body is JongUp, so I’m finding my own charm.” (YoungJae). He shifted the subject so casually, escaping that question. Of course, the brain.

Stage Performances ―After The World Tour―

Such B.A.P’s Japan debut song is the same with the Korean debut song, “WARRIOR”. Since it is the same song, we wondered if they felt any difference. “At debut in Korea, we did not have any experience, so we were really tense. Now there are still insufficient parts of ours, but after the tour, and experiencing many things, we think we can show a more mature ‘B.A.P’ to everyone.” (ZERO) His eyes when answering were filled with confidence. Of course, in 2013, from Seoul, to Japan, even America, they roamed around a total of 8 countries of the world, and had just finished their encore live in the origin, Seoul, to close the world tour. We asked if they still are tense in live performances. “(In Japanese) Tense… Half scared half fun. Very exciting.” (YoungJae). Recently, we saw the encore stage in Seoul. On stage, they were sexier than how old they looked, so we asked if that was intended. “Am I sexy? (laughs). Haha. For performances and songs, we practiced and worked hard. On stage, we’re singers ‘B.A.P’, down stage, I’m an ordinary Mr. YoungJae.” (YoungJae) “(In Japanese) Recently, YoungJae is the most popular in Korea. He is a Riz (*Means most popular guy in Korean)!” (DaeHyun), he laughed. In the world tour, we were curious if popularity was different by country. “In America, it was JongUp and Bang YongGuk-sshi, but wherever, ZELO is always popular. In Singapore, I think I had quite a lot of popularity.” (DaeHyun). Actually, they were pretty curious of their rankings of each members.

B.A.P is in “HIGH CUT Japan Vol.2”, the Japanese version of the Korean fashionable magazine. B.A.P has just made their debut in Japan on October 9th. Here is K-fan★me’s exclusive behind the scenes of the photoshoot.

September, B.A.P is having a photoshoot in a certain studio in Tokyo. charisma, Hip Hop, cool and ‘bad boy’ are the images that come to us when we think of B.A.P’s music and performances. But how are they really?

First of all, I start by interviewing Himchan, Youngjae and Jongup. I ask them a question right away but… suddenly Himchan introduces himself. “Us three are the three most popular members in B.A.P. Please take care of us!!” General hilarity ensues. The ice has been broken. Himchan is so proficient that he answers most of the questions in Japanese. Because of the influence of his older sister that really liked Japanese idols, he has been watching Japanese dramas from a young age. And when I ask B.A.P’s fashionista Himchan about fashion, he answers happily. “Ah!! Thank you, you know me well~ (laughs) I like a lot of styles but fall and winter is good for a dandier style, while I like street fashion for Spring and Summer.” He also told us he’d like to try and design clothes in the future.

Sexy on stage, an honors student with a fresh vibe in private, Youngjae. I asked Youngjae, the main vocal of B.A.P that does a comeback in Korea around every three months, how he manages his voice. “I sleep a lot. Sleep is best! I can sleep anywhere. But Jongup more so than me.” Himchan continues and reveals “Really, it doesn’t matter where he is, he will sleep.” (Jongup himself is cracking up). When I ask Youngjae what the little bag he has is, he answers with a smile. “It’s a camera. I always have it with me and take pictures.” Exactly! A cultural-type handsome man that suits cameras! I don’t know if he’ll ever show the fans the pictures he took, but I am looking forward to it.

Jongup has an extraordinary talent for dancing and a beautiful body. During the shoot, he created facial expressions and he showed us a sexy side that you would not believe is possible for someone born in 1995. In private, since he gets along very well with Zelo as the maknae line, he told me about a cute episode. “We’re always playing and fooling around. But if I wanted him to fix something… we often sleep in the car when we go to places but Zelo’s body is bigger than mine and he always collapses on my side! (laughs). I want him to do something about it~ He’s heavy (laughs).” I told him about how I heard from the other members that he has a 4D personality and he answered “Everyone always call me ditzy and such, but I’ve never thought of myself as 4D.” To which Youngjae immediately replies “Jongup is someone that thinks seriously about things other people don’t think about. He’s weird! (laughs)”

Next, we’ll be sharing the second half with Bang Yongguk, Daehyun and Zelo. Please look forward to it ^^

B.A.P is in “HIGH CUT Japan Vol.2”, the Japanese version of the Korean fashionable magazine. B.A.P has just made their debut in Japan on October 9th. Here is K-fan★me’s exclusive behind the scenes of the photo shoot. ^^

September, B.A.P is having a photo shoot for the first Japan original content of HIGH CUT Japan in a certain studio in Tokyo. Since the leader Bang Yongguk, Daehyun and Zelo are the first to be done with the shoot, they continue on with the interview.

The leader, with a low rapping voice that emanates a manly atmosphere that lingers around him, Bang Yongguk. He writes and composes, leads the other members musically and when I ask him about something he’d like to do in the future he answers “My dream is to do volunteer and perform in Africa.” This was an unexpected answer, in a good way. “I learned a lot of things from my grandparents. One of them is to help people so they taught me that to care about the problems in society is something that’s important.” I think I’m starting to understand why Bang Yongguk is being called the father. More than his age would lead on, he expresses himself calmly, and he thinks about things seriously. With that difference between his appearance and personality as well as that smile of his that makes his eyes crinkle, he is truly charming.

With both looks and talent, the handsome vocal Daehyun. Angelic boy Daehyun tells me “Youngjae and I were both born in 1994, but my birthday is earlier than his. But his personality is more mature than mine and he’s clever! (laughs) The most child-like member? It’s Himchan and I, no doubt about it! (laughs) “and when he continues on by saying that “Himchan and I are aaaa~~~lways talking”, all the staff and members nod and agree.

Now, the youngest is Zelo, born in 1996, 184cm tall. Having grown taller by 12cm in a year, he told me “There was milk for school meals in elementary school. I drank a lot of it! Also, my father and older brother are tall. But now I’m taller than my older brother.” Wanting to make use of his height, he answered, “I want to try modelling. It’s also because I’m tall, but I’m also interested in photography and fashion. Today’s shoot is very fun!” And like a professional model, he showed us expressions overflowing with charisma during the actual photo shoot.

Regardless of their busy schedules, they did not show their tired faces while doing the photo shoot and long interview. The word “exemplary student” suits them well, and they are really smart and polite. And I was surprised, their Japanese was a lot more fluent than I had imagined. They are still studying Japanese very hard.

“We are newcomers in Japan. This is why we want to go back to how we felt in the beginning and do our best”, tells me leader Bang Yongguk. Their activities in Japan have only just started, and the issue of HIGH CUT Japan containing B.A.P’s candid interview and photo shoot will be on sale on October 17th!

More ♥ extra talk

<Bang Yongguk compares the members to colors>
Himchan is black, Zelo is rainbow, Daehyun is black and red, Youngjae is white and Jongup is a neon color! Me? I don’t know about me (laughs)

<Daehyun tells us about his ranking of the members’ looks>
Himchan is the one in charge of being handsome. In second place is Youngjae, in third… me! I’m not telling you the rankings lower than that~ (laughs)

<The maknae Zelo tells us about the members>
They have a strong charismatic image on stage, but in daily life they suddenly say funny things and are noisy. I love my hyungs!

Finally, the photo shoot is over and B.A.P leaves with a goodbye greeting full of energy. Just when I thought the elevator had closed… it opens again and a “I forgot something!” is heard. That something forgotten was none other than… Daehyun (laughs). Daehyun, who was a little behind in getting ready, was almost left behind in the studio! It was a very cute incident~!
More ♥ Extra talk

Q: Himchan tells us who is the member that eats the most?
HC: The tallest is Zelo but it’s Daehyun and I that eat the most! The two in charge of talking!

Q: Youngjae tells us about the fashion you like?
YJ: I like a style that’s simple. Before I liked street fashion but now I’m more into dandier styles. We often talk about fashion and what suits us among each other.

Q: Jongup tells us about how to have a momuchan? (*it means a muscular body)
JU: I work out with Yongguk hyung! Lately I’ve been building my body naturally with dance practice~

source: bapyessir + itsbap (1 + 2 + 3)

that picture of Jongup's eye & Youngjae peering through the hole is killing me. Glad to know that Dae & Chan know that they're the most child-like
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