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[Rumor Mill] Entertainment Radar (with guesses)

1. Famous scriptwriter 'A' and 'B', an actress currently on hiatus, are said to be dating. As they're both at the age for marriage, people are assuming that they're dating with the intention of marriage. A recently named his new production company after the initials of B.

2. Large companies are currently in a heated competition over landing contracts with child stars. With stars like Kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, Jin Ji Hee, and Yeo Jin Goo shooting to fame, companies are looking to nab young talent as early as possible. One insider said, "In the past, child stars would have to leave an impression for themselves in a movie or drama before a contract was offered, but companies are now expressing interest in training their own child stars. Child stars who have starred in popular movies or dramas recently are receiving an influx of offers."

3. Popular idol group members C and D are said to be in discord. C is currently promoting in many different areas and achieving high popularity, unlike D, who has received the support of his company all along. Because of the difference in treatment, C's never had a great relationship with D, and now that he's considering a solo career, he's looking to move companies as well. One insider said, "Their personalities always clashed with each other. Now that they're older and with more experience, it's going to be harder for them to promote together for much longer. It will be difficult for C to find a new agency immediately but a limit has been reached in continuing as a group."

4. Actor 'E' is said to be a traditional mama's boy. E started up his own one man company but it's actually his mother who's behind it all. He's known for surprising the people around him with the over the top skinship he does with his mom. When he was called in for investigation by the police in the past, his mom even followed him there.

5. Celebrity F is obsessed with his looks lately. He's been receiving more promotion opportunties which are all being met with great results and is finally receiving the 'star treatment'. F went through a severe diet to achieve his current looks but he's still far from looking like a pretty boy. Still, the compliments he's been receiving and the rise in popularity have all lended way to him catching the prince disease. One insider said, "He's been acting like a prince these days. Someone around him needs to tell him to stop."

1. [+328, -26] A is Hwang Mama, B is Aurora

2. [+169, -10] (irrelevant)

3. [+137, -34] C, D... There's only one group right now going through disbandment rumors.

4. [+104, -57] Seo In * for the last one

5. [+100, -5] E is Park Shi Hoo. He set up his own one man company with his family.

6. [+88, -12] I think C and D are Yunho and Changmin. Changmin's C if the guess is right because he's actively promoting in areas outside of singing right now.

7. [+62, -21] It's been a really long time since Seo In Guk lost weight and got handsome... I don't think it's him.

8. [+60, -4] E has to be Jung Kyung Ho, his mom is infamous for her hold on him -_-;; I don't think any woman will be able to get married into that household

9. [+51, -11] F is Jung Kyung Ho? ㅋㅋ

10. [+47, -4] E seems like Park Shi Hoo...

11. [+39, -10] Changmin and Yunho

12. [+37, -5] F seems like Seo In Guk

Sports Seoul via Nate | Netizenbuzz
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