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Team B's Jinhwan wishes all 11 participants could debut + WIN' participants express their thoughts

It is nearing the end for Team A and Team B on Mnet's competitive reality program 'WIN.'  In the latest episode that aired on October 18, the boys all had a barbecue party and expressed their feelings.

Team B's Jinhwan said, "I wish all eleven participants could go to the chief's room together, kneel in front of him, and beg him to let us all debut together." The other members all said that they would go along with Jinhwan's plan to beg Yang Hyun Suk to change his mind.

To explain away misunderstandings, the members said, "We are all originally very close, but because of the competition, we would halt dance practices or not show our choreography.  Don't you know that was not because we dislike one another?"

The members also said, "Our skills improved a lot more during the 100 days filming for 'WIN' than during our training periods."

Bobby said, "I thought YG did not choose based on looks, but [I changed my mind] when I saw Jinwoo... I thought he was a Japanese actor." In relation to Mino, he amusingly said, "I want to win as a rapper, but he raps so well.  I couldn't even stand the sight of seeing him turn his hat around."

The October 18 installment of the intense survival program 'WIN' featured a final one-on-one interview with each member of both Team A and Team B.

Bobby said, "I liked the atmosphere of everyone enjoying one another's company at the performance location," showing his reluctance to leave.

Kim Jin Woo said, "After the JYP battle broadcast was finished, my mother called me in tears.  At the time she cried because we lost, but this time, I want her to cry because we won."

Kang Seung Yeon teared up, saying, "Winning does not make me feel good.  My Team B friends don't even go to school so they can absorb themselves in practicing all night through blood and sweat.  Rather, if we only had one road, we could all simply dream of becoming the winner.  I hate the idea of us not becoming the winners, but I also hate the idea of winning by stepping all over my dongsaengs' hard work."

B.I said, "I don't want to lose because I am the leader.  I can't let my attachment to the hyungs shake me.  I want to stand on stage as soon as possible to show ourselves and hear the crowd's cheers and feel their joy."

Lee Seung Hoon said, "I want to go into YG.  I said that was my dream and my hard work up to this point is just the start, but it feels like the end as if I'm on the last train."

Surely, it will be a bittersweet ending for the boys, but they have worked hard up to this point so they deserve the best of luck for their next performances!  The format for the final battle was also revealed.  The first round will be another original composition; the second round will be dance; and the third round will be making an arrangement, meaning YG's head producer Teddy Park will give them a track for which they need to write the entire melody and lyrics.  Stay tuned!

Source: allkpop, 2

Sorry mods i hope this is better. It would be great if they all got to debut together tbh ;__;
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