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Just some Topp Dogg article so I have an excuse to rant

In the last 17 days, a teaser video has been released for the 13 membered idol boy group Topp Dogg, and it has been receiving soaring responses so far.

Even though Topp Dogg’s mixtapes and performances have already attracted a lot of attention in prior to their debut, if their hip hop management entertainment company, Stardom that has reborn into a new leaf, and their producer/representative, Cho PD, is able to bring out the effect of enjoyment in them, the debut of this new group will definitely be able to get the spotlight.

Focusing on these goals, for the Topp Dogg team’s exceptional debut, a fanpress showcase will be held on the 22nd, 2 days before the album release. The agency stated, “On the 22nd at 5 pm, we have invited the media for a press conference. At 7pm, the stage will be set for the fans so that they can communicate directly with their fans” he said.
Signed cds will also be provided as a special gift for the fans who will come to the showcase.

After the 1st teaser receiving a hot reaction, the agency has decided to change the original venue of the showcase which is at Jucy Club in Gangnam to the Hongdae V Hall to accommodate all the participants.

Topp Dogg’s debut album will be released on the 24th.

source: nate, trans by toppdoggintl (NB comments if you care)

If you expect me to believe you've turned over a new leaf I demand a proper EvoL comeback after Topp Dogg's debut!!

But on to the article, I feel bad for the group that people are expecting them to fail just because Cho PD/Stardom screwed Block B over and insulted Exo. And (a bunch of) the members were underground rappers and joined a "hip hop management entertainment company", the hell kind of music do people expect them to make?
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