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MR.MR member changes? + Remember VNT? and Bella? well now meet KISS&CRY

(the possible new member of MR.MR)

First off, I would like to say that a lot of the weirdness in this post & all the member changes is apparently a result of Winning Insight Music deciding to get a bunch of trainees and throwing them at their established groups to see what sticks. Or something. Maybe Winning Insight's dumb is contagious. At the moment MR.MR's exact situation is uncertain but I figured I could tell you what little I know since group/member switches seem to be a trend in the company right now.

You may remember the posts I made about MR.MR's new member Jiwon. He performed with MR.MR a few times while Tey was in Japan performing for the musical "The Thousandth Man".

Waiting for You


But Jiwon was absent by MR.MR's next performance a week later. He posted this message on the fancafe, explaining his absence.

From: Jiwon
"Hello Misos, this is Jiwon.  I’m not sure if you’ve heard yet…

I will have to pause my place as the sixth member of MR.MR…
I tried to show you all a good performance in this short time, but while practicing hard I dislocated a disc in my back.  It is sad because I have been practicing with the other members and we’ve been suffering (to give you a better performance)
Because I came late, I am so thankful to you all for giving me so much love and attention in this short time and I am so sorry.
I really want to say thank you and sorry to the members and people at Winning Ent. who was like a family and always cheered for me, who came late due to circumstances.
In the future, with MR.MR activities, I hope to meet you all and show you a better Jiwon.

Again, I’m so sorry everyone."

And on October 19th, a video was posted that showed new member Hon/Hoso. Unfortunately, the video was removed by the user, so all we have left is this screencap.

There is no official confirmation yet on this new dude and whether he really is a new member and whether Jiwon is still going to join the group after he recovers.

Meanwhile, Bella performed on October 3rd with only three members: Dia, Miuu and Haena. If you're wondering who Bella and Dia are, I wrote about the previous member changes here. Both Bella, Dia and MR.MR are under Winning Insight Music, formerly TH E&M.

Bella performing Don't Let Go

One Night Only

By their October 12th performance, there was a new member added to the three Bella members.

Don't Let Go

Well, it turns out that new member was former VNT member, Yumi, and she would be joining a new group by the name of KISS&CRY. This new group is made up of Bella members Miuu (now Bo Hye) and Haena; soloist and Bella member Dia; and Yumi (now So Yumi).

On October 19th, KISS&CRY released a single, 모던하게 (Modernly) feat. Shorry of Mighty Mouth. The song is composed by A-TEAM who have also composed for Brown Eyed Girls, NU'EST & LC9. The song is quite nice! I have no idea what this means for Bella, but I suspect that it's the end for them, considering the excluded member of Bella, Kani, is part of the Acting Department of Hanyang Women's University. She probably went on to pursue a career as an actress while Bella is getting a fresh start with a new name and a new member.

source: TheMRMRofficial, 2 | Jiwon's letter: Fancafe & DoReMiso | screencap & info: DoReMiso
source: TheMRMRofficial, 2, 3, mylovetune | KISS&CRY info: RapPer K

so confused about and feeling a bit trolled about the whole thing. But I'm excited about KISS&CRY! I really liked VNT so I'm excited about Yumi, and now I just hope they can promote their single because it has a great sound.
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