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Yoona and actor Lee Bum Soo will be a couple for drama 'Prime Minister Is Dating'


It was previously reported that actor Lee Bum Soo and Girls’ Generation’s Yoona were positively reviewing the script for “Prime Minister is dating.” Now, both sides have confirmed their participation to lead the drama.

On October 21, KBS side stated, “Both Yoona and Lee Bum Soo confirmed for ‘Prime Minister is dating’ and filming will start at the end of October. Lee Bum Soo is 43 years old while Yoona is 23. Even though they have a twenty-year age gap, we’re expecting a different sort of chemistry [than the usual]. Also, Yoona’s acting transformation will be something to look forward to.”

Nicknamed the Korea’s version of “The Sound of Music,” “Prime Minister is dating” will be a romantic comedy about a prime minister (played by Lee Bum Soo) and a young stepmother (played by Yoona), who will be like a miraculous Christmas present to the prime minister’s family. The fairytale like story will use the winter scenery as its backdrop. It is produced by Yoona’s agency’s subsidiary SM C&C.

“Prime Minister is dating” is lined up to air in December on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10pm (KST) after “Future Choice” ends.


Yoona Cast as Lead Female Role in New Drama, ‘Prime Minister Is Dating’

According to a source, Yoona has been confirmed as the lead role of the KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama, “Prime Minister Is Dating”.
“Prime Minister Is Dating” will consist of a love story between a country’s prime minister and a young, female reporter who is trying to gather news on him. Yoona will be taking on the role of a 28-year-old female reporter, and Lee Bumsoo will play the opposing role as a prime minister in his 40′s, the country’s youngest ever.
“Prime Minister Is Dating” was originally planned to air under the title “Prime Minister and I”, but through a recent discussion, a title change and extensive story change were decided on. It was also known as being a Korean version of the film “The Sound of Music”, with a story about a prime minister and a private teacher who enters his home. However, the production team and writer decided to draw out the story with an emphasis on the prime minister and reporter. “Prime Minister Is Dating” will be a family and romantic comedy between a prime minister in his 40′s, and a female reporter in her 20′s, with a winter background.
A source stated, “Yoona and Lee Bumsoo will start filming at the end of October. Though the two leads have a 20 year age difference, with Lee Bumsoo being 43 years old and Yoona 23 years old in real life, a new kind of chemistry is being anticipated. Yoona’s acting transformation will also become an important point to watch.”
Meanwhile, “Prime Minister Is Dating” is scheduled to begin airing in December, following the drama “Choice of the Future”.

Source: MyDaily
Translated by: ch0ssi@soshified
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source: sompi,
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