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BtoB interviews for IZE & CéCi


BTOB, where do they go?
Today’s photoshoot concept is Halloween. Do you like it?
Peniel: We like it and it’s fun too. There’s a broomstick, pumpkin, skeleton but I think the Halloween candies aren’t here? Give me candies. (Laughs)

We’re sorry. We didn’t realize that. (Laughs) Since debut, you guys have been slowly gaining recognition. Do you feel that the responses changed with ‘Thriller’ promotions?
Minhyuk: I didn’t take note of it, but we have done diligently like we usually do, and they seemed to have fun, so I think there are good responses.
Ilhoon: I agree. When we go for music broadcasts, staffs know us and recognize our names.
Hyunsik: Last year when we first went for MBC ‘Weekly Idol’ recordings, we had to wear a large name tag on our chest. When we went there in September, Hyungdon-hyung said to us, ‘You don’t have to wear those name tags now. We already know all of your names.’ (Laughs)
Eunkwang: In our early debut times, when we go for activities, the valet would ask for our names and then checked the name list before allowing us in. Now, they would immediately let us in upon hearing our names. These little things make us really happy and thankful.

BTOB has made a cameo in G.NA’s episode of tvN ‘SNL Korea’ (Watch here; G.Na's full ver here omg I'm dying)
Hyunsik: It has been our wish to appear on ‘SNL Korea’, and that’s why we have lots of fun. We want to show even more, but there’s a limit to our roles. We will wait for the day when we become the hosts (of SNL Korea).
Changsub: I played a short cut as Clara-ssi’s boyfriend. We don’t usually have this chance to appear on the show, so I practiced diligently on my expressions. I wanted to grab that expression at one go, but unfortunately! (Laughs) After ending the shoot, I told my friends that I filmed with Clara. Within 5 minutes, everyone scolded me in the group chatting room. “Why is it you!?” and so on. (Laughs)

Zombie transformation in ‘Thriller’
You had fun songs such as ‘Insane’ (?) or ‘WOW’ and cute songs like ‘Second Confession’, ‘I Know Nothing but Love’ (??) but a powerful concept song like ‘Thriller’ is your very first. To portray a zombie character on stage, you may need some practice as well.
Minhyuk: As part of our image training, for the whole week, I closed my eyes and whispered to myself, ‘I am a zombie. I am a zombie.’ When we’re promoting fun songs, we just smile and do a playful look on stage, but ‘Thriller’ requires us to show our madness. Undoubtedly, we have to show our body abs and even use all of our face muscles. So, after we have ended performance, our whole body trembled.
Sungjae: For me…
Ilhoon: Sungjae pretends to be extremely handsome (Laughs).
Sungjae: Well, I don’t ‘pretend.’ (Laughs) ‘Thriller’ stage has lots of special effects and fireworks. It was so hot that I frowned, but I think that’s handsome. It felt so hot, but when I monitor our performance, I looked good, so I just continue doing so.
Ilhoon: Minhyuk-hyung was ‘I am a zombie’ while Sungjae went with ‘my body is on fire.’ I, on the other hand, thought to myself, ‘I am a lunatic. A really crazy one.’ (Laughs) Since our production process, I have thought about how would I portray such image. Since there are some fantasy elements in it, it won’t be unnatural if I portray an insane image. Therefore, I acted like a psychotic in the music video. I hope that people who watched it felt scared and mysterious at the same time.

Hair styling, makeup are all so glamorous to suit the concept. Do you like it?
Peniel: Actually, I don’t really like my makeup. Although I’ve accommodated to it, still, I would prefer if we don’t have makeups.
Sungjae: Peniel-hyung is a free man, so he dislikes anything that is done to himself. He’s really primitive in the dorm…
Peniel: I actually don’t wear underwear, but since I’m living with the members, I had to. (Laughs)
Sungjae: I, on the other hand, likes to be stylish and I have a greed for it. I would ask the makeup artist, ‘please makeup for me. I want to try wearing contact lenses.’ I would even ask my hairstylist that way too.
Changsub: During our debut times, Sungjae also kept requesting to dye his hair. (Laughs)
Sungjae: Now that I’ve become a celebrity, I need to request for a celebrity-like hair style. (Laughs) This time, it’s called ‘Electrostatic hair.’ Previously, I asked for a straight hair like Shinhwa Lee MinWoo-senior but when I watched the broadcast of Inkigayo, only the back of my head was straightened. I really like to experiment different hairstyles.
Ilhoon: I went with a double colored pupils ‘Odd Eye’ concept. I wanted to show a fearful and powerful look. I actually wanted to wear these colored contact lenses, but I looked too much with both double colored pupils, so I took off one of them. Manager-hyung took a look and asked if I really have to do it like this, so… (Laughs)

Thriller was a mysterious zombie dance, but the intro of the dance gained the ‘Group Chicken Dance’ nickname. (Laughs) (here lol)
Minhyuk: Actually, our company was strongly against the choreograph, but we insisted on it. We don’t just want to show a handsome look with that choreograph, but it has a demon-like, kinda comical look to it. We were laughing on our first practice, but mysteriously, it was quite addictive too. We like it that this part is the most memorable part to the audience.

The Start of BTOB
In the planning stage, we heard that BTOB actually started out to be a band. How did all the members come together?
Eunkwang: Changsub, Hyunsik, and I were in charge of guitar, drums and piano respectively, we were preparing to be debuted as a band. Ilhoon is our one of our early member. After about a year, Sungjae joined us.
Hyunsik: All of us wanted to specialize in practical music even during our schooling days. Initially, we planned to be a band where all the members sing well. Although there are rapping parts, there isn’t any dances.
Peniel: I was born in America but came back to Korea to try out for an audition in 2010. I trained in JYP Entertainment for about two years before I quit. Then I heard Cube was preparing for a new group, so I went for audition there.
Minhyuk: As for me, no matter how you see it, it seems to be my destiny to be a member of BTOB.
Members: Oh Oh~! (Laughs)
Minhyuk: In 2009, I failed the final audition of another agency, but Cube contacted me. I went to another company to train for about two years though. One day, I was contacted by Cube’s talent scouting team through another person I know. He said that I’m an ‘extremely capable person’ and asked me to try out there. Although I talk about this now, my friends whom I was initially with had a very hard time.

Frustrations that you face?
Minhyuk: When I first started training, I wanted to drink alcohol and grow close with grown-up friends, but this isn’t the team’s image… (Laughs)
Hyunsik: We prepared ourselves centering on vocals but with the growing number of members, we seemed to have become a dancing group, so we frustrate on that.
Changsub: After our alcohol session, we went to a cybercafe. Every time I play rock-paper-scissors, I would always lose to Minhyuk-hyung, so I had to pay for the chicken and gaming fees. (Laughs)

Looking back, you did not debut as a 5-members group but it seems that you guys are at an advantage now that the other members joined in. (Laughs)
Changsub: It’s definitely an advantage!
Eunkwang: We won’t pull out well if we were a 5-members group. Indeed, we have to trust and follow our company. (Laughs)

We make our own music
In this latest album, most members participated by writing and composing, in particular, Hyunsik was in charge of the production of ‘Star’ and ‘Why.’ How was the experience?
Hyunsik: I wanted to do this so badly and because it’s my dream, I’m really happy about it. I sit in the directing chair in the recording room, and it felt so blissful.
Ilhoon: After our recordings ended, he sat there for a while. (Laughs)
Hyunsik: Actually, there’s a long road before you can sit on that chair. I directed while recording all six members and myself, but time seemed to pass very quickly. But I like it. What we are supposed to do is music, but there are times where I trembled in the recording room till I can’t show my abilities. That said, I understand the strong and weak points of each members whom I have trained and lived with, so, I was comfortable (in directing them) until the song come out well. After we’ve ended the recordings, I sent thank you messages to the members. In the future, I want to personally produce songs even with different members.

‘Why’ was a song co-produced with BEAST’s Lee Kikwang. How was the process?
Hyunsik: Kikwang-hyung and I share the same production room. ‘Why’ was initially a song written for BEAST-hyungs. Therefore, we worked overnight before their album release. Kikwang-hyung has a strong concentration. He would attempt one work at his fullest, while I was in high spirit. Despite a broadcast schedule the next day, I just continued on with the production. And because I did it alongside Kikwang-hyung, there’s a new music color that I can’t produce if I were to do it alone.

Minhyuk and Ilhoon also wrote lyrics for their rap parts. Looks like you have been learning these skills. How did you practice on writing lyrics?
Minhyuk: I continuously wrote lyrics during our blank period. I was confident in my rapping skills when I was young. When I was 20, I trained at another company and went to university, so there wasn’t time for me to rap. I hadn’t rap for more than two years when I became a BTOB member. It was hard to do it again and I felt like I couldn’t do it. Since my position is kinda ‘halved’, it’s not good for both the team and myself, so I committed myself to write lots of lyrics and practice rapping them. As much as we live, we will go through various experiences and I recorded these emotions and thoughts on a memo. That helped a lot, and now my confidence level rose. I have the confidence to do even better in the future.
Ilhoon: Like how vocalists want to sing, we had our moments when we want to rap too. With that thought, I immerse myself in writing lyrics, be it 30 minutes or 5 hours. In fact, I wrote the raps part for Hyunsik-hyung’s ‘Why,’ but forgotten about them, so I had to memorize and gain back those feels the day before we record it. (Laughs)

‘Grill Fairy’ and ‘Fast Kid’
Rookie group promotes as they conduct personal activities in order to raise recognition. Ilhoon is a fixed host in ‘Weekly Idol’. Do you feel burdened to increase awareness for the name, BTOB?
Ilhoon: I barely had any burden. I feel that variety program is a place where I show my original self while laughing and talking. Without having to be pretentious, I think showing my own personality is the best thing.

How do the members think while watching you on broadcast?
Ilhoon: Is there anyone who watched me?
Changsub: Yeah, you did well… (Laughs)
Minhyuk: On days where Ilhoon barely talk, we would worry if ‘is he in difficulty lately? Why is he so quiet?’ On some other days, he seemed to do well.
Ilhoon: I was always with Hyungdon-hyung and Defconn-hyung as an assistant MC, and we seemed to be getting along well gradually. Since both hyungs are really famous in the variety world. Ah, I feel that there are many people who know me as ‘The beef griller on Weekly Idol.’ Lately, I’ve been doing some talking parts. Everyone, I no longer grill. (Laughs)

Minhyuk, on the other hand, was a two-crown champion in last year’s MBC ‘Idol Sports Championship. This year, you won a silver medal in 100m sprint and is known as the ‘Fast Kid.’ Were you prepared to get the gold medal at the starting line?
Minhyuk: Actually, I wasn’t confident in winning the gold medal. But ‘since I’m at it, I should do well at it’ was my thoughts. (Laughs) At first, I was like ‘you shouldn’t support me’ but then I was ‘I must get to the final round’ at the starting line. For this year, because I was a former champion in last ISAC, I was in high spirit to win the medal. As I started running, the competitive nature of a man grows.

In the preliminary round, you made a new record and was a strong candidate for the gold medal, did you regret that you weren’t able to win?
Minhyuk: Speaking honestly, I am regretful but there’s a limit to my capability, so there’s nothing I can do about it. I actually feared that I would feel bloated during the race, so I didn’t eat the whole day but when it comes to dinner, I couldn’t stand it anymore and ate a whole bowl of spicy beef soup. I then went ahead with the competition immediately after that. As I squat to get myself ready, it felt like my dinner is rising up from my stomach. I was confident in running but because I felt like vomiting, I couldn’t speed at the start. Ah… It’s all spicy beef soup’s fault… (Laughs)

Tomorrow and tomorrow
What dreams do you have for the future as a team known as BTOB?
Eunkwang: We want to produce a variety of music that allow us to span across different generations. We want to show them one by one. I think we may show our charms as a band or we may sing songs by our four vocalists.
Hyunsik: Bearing the title as an idol, we need to show an idol-like music and performance. However, since we distribute our parts to seven members, we don’t really have sufficient opportunities to show each of our capabilities. Some day, we hope that we will have the chance to show our own colors through solo songs.
Minhyuk: I want to do a concept!
Sungjae: Each of us in the team has their extraordinary skills. If we were to have a concert, I think everyone would have the greed to have a solo stage.
Members: Hahahaha!
Sungjae: Why, isn’t that true? (Laughs)
Changsub: If I have my own solo stage for our concert, I would want to sing while playing the piano. When I sing, I hope they would stay quiet, Shh! and just sit there, listening to my song. (Imagining heartwarmingly) When the song ends, everyone would clap. (Smiles)
Peniel: I want to have a stage where we can play with fans.
Ilhoon: Solo is good. Or if we form a team that focuses on Hip Hop music, I would love to try that too. Hip Hop that fuses Jazz elements or trendy Trap genre in which Peniel-hyung and I like. Together with Minhyuk-hyung, I think the three rapper line may produce something good too. We are idols and it’s hard to show each personality so if we really have the chance, we want to show each and every one of our colors.

After the interview ends
We heard that you choose your position on a first come first serve basis. So which is the most popular seat?
Sungjae: It’s the passenger seat. It has been Eunkwang-hyung’s reserved seat for about a year, but he started to give out his seat some time ago.
Minhyuk: That’s the ‘King’ seat. It’s comfortable and you can decide on the song to listen to…
Ilhoon: After ending our schedule, we would give our farewell greetings and immediately rush to where the car is at. It’s really amazing. There was once where our manager-hyung was late after dealing with the staffs there. We reached the car first but because manager-hyung wasn’t there, we weren’t able to open the doors. Fans who came by had a ‘What are you doing’ look… (Laughs) (pics 1 2 3 4 5 6)
Hyunsik: We even rush with a strange voice. It’s like ‘Euhihihihi, euhooooh.’ But for far places like Busan, we decide by playing rock-paper-scissors.

Who’s the winner when you are fighting for seats?
Sungjae: Eunkwang-hyung…?
Eunkwang: Why am I good in winning lately? (Laughs)
Minhyuk: I find running very troublesome, and I’m little embarrassed, so I don’t compete with them. After this interview ends, all the members will definitely run. (Laughs)

[ ♪ Eunkwang & Changsub's story ♪ ]

Seo Eunkwang
Hanja: Tranquility Xu (徐), Grace En (恩), Shining Light Guang (光)

Born in 1990 November 22nd. I was born and raised in Yongin. I don’t usually get angry. Compared to others, I seemed to take any dissatisfactions better. (Sungjae: We've never seen him angry before. Minhyuk: He’s Gandhi. Changsub: He prevents any bloodshed) I got angry only when I was in a fight with my younger brother/sister when I was a child.

I am cautious in nature too, so I organize things in my head before I speak so that I won’t say gibberish things. (Changsub: I sleep at the second floor of my bed, and I often come down jumping on Eunkwang-hyung’s mattress, but he said it on a radio broadcast after half a year. You should just say it, Hyung!) I’m the type that would think before I write my answers on the exam answer sheet. I think that’s the reason why I’m the leader.

Before we debut, my large voice was my complex, but now, it seems that my fans love it. I think that sleep is the most important in managing our throats. I do have lesser sleep when I’m busy, even then, I sleep when I have any spare time. If we were to have our solo stage during concert, I would want to invite Kim Bumsoo-senior as a guest. I want to sing ‘The Thing Called Friend’ (T/N: 친구라는 건) with him, like a friend. But I do worry about our capability gap. Even so, I hope that I can sing up to his level.

No matter how one sees it. the leader is the face of the team, so I will work even harder. When I’m feeling difficult, I look at all six members and my faith to be successful grows. With that thought in mind, my self-confidence rises as well. Are you all like this too?

Lee ChangSub
Hanja: Plum tree Li (李), Prosperity Chang (昌), Light Xie (燮)

Born in Gyeonggi-do and raised in Suwon. I have a sister younger than me by a year. My sister is different than me. I understand her as a child that study to her heart’s content. But she has lost some weight lately, and my sister have become a pretty lady, I had such thoughts. Previously I asked my sister, “Would you want to marry to Eunkwang Oppa?” and she said, “Are you crazy?!!!” (Laughs) (Eunkwang: Ehahahahaha!)

My middle school graduation picture has recently became a topic but if I were to go back in time to take another shoot, I will pose with my tongue sticking out too. (Laughs).

As we prepare for ‘Thriller’, I wrote an Isaiah 41:10 Bible verse in English on my arm. “Don’t be afraid as I will be with you. Don’t be discouraged as I am your God.” On the day where I got it tattooed, it was so painful but I came back smiling the whole day.

My friend contacted me, saying that my face is all over Hongdae, and that made felt the reality. Fans really like the part where Eunkwang-hyung comes out suddenly by my side in ‘Thriller’ choreograph. We frustrated on how to do it actually. At first, we weren’t able to follow the beat but we’re much precise now.

Recently, my red friends on my face (acne) are showing up, so I pay extra attention to my skin. It’s not any spectacular skin care or anything. I just make sure that I wash before I sleep even if it’s troublesome. I also spread a towel on my pillow when I sleep.

When I am with the members, Hyunsik and I have a thing for grilling meat. No matter what type of meat it is, I will grill it well. If I become a barista and have the chance to decorate a cafe, I would decorate it with an antique vibe to it. I would offer those who don’t drink (coffee) like Peniel smoothie or chamomile.

[ ♪ Ilhoon & Sungjae's story ♪ ]

Jung Ilhoon
Hanja: Nation Zheng (鄭), Stable Yi (鎰), Contribution Xun (勳). The center ‘Yi’ (Il) is our family’s common name passed down to our generation.

I was born in Seoul on 1994 October 4th and raised in Gyeonggi-do. I have an elder sister that is older than me by 4 years. She’s known to people as soloist JOO. Although she’s a singer, to me, I treat her like any ordinary noonas. Our company and noona’s company are close to each other, so we hang out for lunch quite often.

I was ordinarily an introvert and got really shy quite often, but because of the members, I’ve changed a lot. I’ve become more active. The other thing about me that changed is that I’ve become purer than last time. It felt like I have that ‘whiter’ vibe now. (Laughs)

I am close with Teen Top’s Niel. I heard that Niel said, “You’re ugly~ Ilhoonie” on Mnet ‘MCountdown.’ I don’t want to listen that from you!

Sungjae jokes that he likes me everyday. To be exact, it’s a torture for one party. (Laughs) Without washing up, he comes to my bed, and disturb me. (Sungjae: It’s like a drunk father coming in and disturbing his child. Ilhoon: Ah~ Wash before you come~) If there’s no responses, usually, people would stop doing so because it’s no longer fun. But Sungjae is an exception. His patience is really amazing. He said that I looked like a raccoon so he likes me a lot. But I don’t look like one.

I became a topic through a video for Kiyomi Song and even did it on ‘Weekly Idol.’ To me, Kiyomi song is ultimately pretty.

I want to show my charismatic side. Since long before, I’ve been liking rappers such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem. I’ve been singing Dynamic Duo-seniors’ ‘Hot Wings’ lately. I like that the beat of the song is closely link to each other and it has a lively rhythm.

My motto has been “Time is Gold.” It means we have to make use of time efficiently. I hope that everyone can remember Jung Ilhoon as a whole.

Yook Sungjae
Hanja: Land Lu (陸), Starry Night Xing (星), Material Jae (材), ‘Be a material (person) that shines like the star.’

I was born on 1995 May 2nd and raised in Seoul. I have a noona who is 3 years my senior but she’s studying abroad so we don’t often meet up. Noona put on makeup for me since I was young, and I like it when people say that I looked good. I think it’s noona who has influenced me to become a singer.

When I was 16 years old, there are times where people would mistook me as Seo Inguk-senior. Now that I’ve grown older and my face features changed, it doesn’t happen now. (Ilhoon: During our trainee times, when Sungjae first entered (our company), I thought Seo Inguk-senior came, I even greeted him) I’m quite shy then, everyone thought I was quiet and that I’m a pure and diligent person. But now, it’s ‘maknae on top.’ (Laughs) Leader Eunkwang-hyung is really lenient towards me. Now that I meet many people while working, I have to appeal to them more actively, that’s why I talked much more.

In ‘Weekly Idol,’ I became famous with the title, ‘the idol who wasted his looks’ after the plastic frame game. I didn’t leave any thought when I was breaking it. If I had any other thoughts, then I won’t be successful in that game. That’s why I just did it. (Laughs) The members went for ‘SNL Korea’ but since I’m still underage, I couldn’t appear on the show. I felt regretful. But then again, it’s a good thing that I didn’t perform there. Since I have a strong greed, perhaps I may do it at my fullest without thinking much.

This may be a shock to quite a lot of people, but I like to fish. I’m not addicted to any food lately but there was once a time where I’m obsessed over yogurt. I had once ate 16 cups per day.

I don’t usually practice female idols’ dance but Sunmi-senior’s ‘24 hours’ was really good, so I danced to it. I monitored her performances more than ours. I like that it has a raccoon vibe to it. Ilhoon-hyung looked like one and I wanted to call him cute. However, Ilhoon-hyung said it’s annoying, so it felt like a one-sided love relationship. (Laughs)

[ ♪ Minhyuk, Hyunsik, & Peniel's story ♪ ]
oh frick >ㅡ>o
Lee Minhyuk
Hanja: Plum tree Lee (李), Harmimous Min (旼), Red color He (赫).

Born on 1990 November 29th in Seoul. The person that I respect the most is my father, my role model is my hyung that is older than me by 4 years old. Hyung always has lots of friends around him and is popular around girls too. I can’t compete in terms of that. But speaking in terms of looks, I think I’m more handsome than he is. Especially when my hair is half-dried, I love seeing myself after a shower, I think that I look good too. (Laughs) Hyung is now preparing to be a PD. We made a promise that in the future, when we are both secured, we will work with each other like Ryu Seungwan and Ryu Seungwum brothers.

My whole family are fans of LG Twins Invincible LG! Please don’t feel stressed out competing this year. Just enjoy the match like last year! It’s of course better if you can compete in the Korean league. If I have the chance, I want to throw a pitch too.

Everyone are curious why I gave the silver medal to Yoseob-hyung in MBC ‘Idol Sports Athletic Championship.’ Actually, there’s no special reason. Yoseob-hyung was smiling very brightly, and I found it interesting to give it to him when he was least aware of it. (Laughs) I’m good in sports, so I’m keen in acting in an action movie. I think I will do it quite well. If I have the chance, I want to be in musicals such as ‘Hedwig’ or ‘Rent,’ or roles with a one-sided love story.

I went back home for Chuseok, and saw my pet dog Hamo. I’m really happy to see him. Not long ago, he was down with anxiety and I was worried sick for him. Hamo seems to welcome me after returning from our dorm.

Leader Eunkwang has lessen a lot of my burden. On the other hand, I play the role of a supporter in the team. When Eunkwang is lost of words, I would help him and often assist him at difficult task. That’s how I gained the model-like ‘Minstar’ nickname in Weekly Idol. I don’t mind those things. Since variety has created a new image for me, I’m even thankful. Our members are really charming friends. We hope that our members will have the opportunity to shine even brightly in the future.

Im Hyunsik
Hanja: Responsibility Im (任), Shining Xuan (炫), Plant Zhi (植) ; Carries the meaning of ‘Spreading your light as far as possible’

Born on 1992 March 7th in Seoul. I share my name with highly experienced actor Im Hyunsik-teacher, so I’ve thought of having a stage name. If I were to do so, I want it to be ‘Gaon.’ It means wanting to be the center of the world.

Folk singer Im Jihoon is my father. I’m happy to inherit my father’s eye-smiles and musical talents. Father insists that I have to sing with dedication. People often called me a ‘Bohemian,’ but interestingly enough, that was my father’s nickname when he was young.

I have a hyung who is 2 years older than me. Hyung is furthering his studies in Japan. He is currently studying about drawing comics. Since young, Hyung and I read a lot of comics. My previous dream was to be a comic artist while Hyung was to be a singer, but we have exchanged dreams now. Among all comics that I’ve read, ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Slam Dunk’ are the best. The character I like the most is Kang Baekho. Generally, I like all lead characters.

At home, I eat a lot of meat, so I often see my mother grilling meat. (Sungjae: You looked quite wealthy?) That’s why I’m good in grilling meat. (Ilhoon: He knows everything). It’s heartwarming to see the members eating deliciously.

Lately I’m into this item called sweatpants. It’s a training wear but it’s a pair of slim pants, that’s why I like it. I have got to buy one.

I’ve conducted ‘Im Hyunsik’s Sik's Sense,’ but it was something I never thought of before, so I did it badly. In later part, I want to do it with the members, without any MCs. I want to do a program like JTBC ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ with the members. I think that I’m quite funny too. Although I have yet to show my 100%, it’s okay since there will be many opportunities.

In the future, I hope to personally produce BTOB’s songs. I want to produce songs together with our team in the future.

Born in 1993 March 10th. Peniel is my birth name in America. In Korea, it is pronounced as Beu-Ni-El. My name carries the meaning of ‘the face of God,’ it’s a name given by a church pastor. My Korean name is Shin Donggeun. I don’t know its hanja form. (Laughs)

I was raised in Chicago, America. I have a noona that is older than me by six years.

If I hadn’t come to Korea, I would have gone to university and hung out with my friends. Or maybe, I might be shooting? Since young, I love shooting games and my dad really asked me to try that out. I have a relative that won the gold medal in the Olympics, so I learned from him. In an America-based Korean competition, I won gold in the group competition. But after that, I lost interest and stopped it. (Laughs) Even if ‘Idol Sports Athletic Championship’ had a shooting category, I don’t know if I can pull it well since I have lost my shooting sense.

When I first come to Korea, I was happy to be separated away with my parents at first. But there’s nobody there to comfort me when I was sick so it was difficult for me. Sometimes I would talk to them through video calls, but my parents still worries about me. They think of it as me living a university life in Korea.

I spent shis year’s Chuseok in Minhyuk’s house. Hamo kept on following me, perhaps it’s because I look like a puppy, and he thinks that I’m of the same species as he is. (Minhyuk: He didn’t even welcome me. He likes Peniel more than me! This rascal!)

I have a thing for waking up early and Changsub-hyung is always the last to wake up. He would fall back to sleep even after we wake him up.

If I were to choose my best 3 snacks, then it would be jelly, chocolate, and cookies.

I danced to ‘24 Hours,’ ‘Expectation,’ and ‘No No No’ during Weekly Idol, and became the winner for female idol dances. I didn’t practice for it, I just danced to it according to the song in our waiting room. (Hyunsik: He’s a fast learner. He knows how to dance all the dances) I have yet to show more dances on broadcast yet. (Laughs)

[ ♪ More pics ♪ ]

hnngg ;__;

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Seo Eunkwang
Self introduction: My amiable appearance lets people feel comfortable with my image of the boy next door. My smooth charm helps the group to be more united.
Secret weapon: Live without any shaky notes!
What was prepared for this album: I focused more on my singing techniques as compared to before. Because we had a stronger concept this time, I learnt the difference between our previous concepts and our current one.
Target for this album: More than 100,000 members for our fan cafe!
A suggestion given to the company as the leader: Revealed the reason for “Thriller” being our title song this time. This time we want to be sexy men.
BTOB’s dormitory: I want to shower together with the members. But I have yet to shower with Peniel and Sungjae. One day we must have a shower together!
What the musical “Monte Cristo” is to Eunkwang: A challenge and dream! Putting aside the importance of being a celebrity, in order to get my talent recognized, this is the result I have got after putting in a lot of effort. I feel very good getting praised by senior actors as well!
Your favorite nickname/alias: Because of my singing talent, I’ve been given the nickname “Seo-Eunkwang-Chang-Luck” (romanized). In the future, I would also liked to be called “Seo Eunkwang Mi Nam” (Pretty Boy Seo Eunkwang), so once in a while I envy Minhyuk and Sungjae. (Laughs)
Eunkwang’s dream list: Firstly, travel around the world. Secondly, ride a bicycle around the country. Thirdly, pluck up the courage to approach the girl I like.
Final goal: Become the best singer in Korea!
Message for the members: I’m really very blessed and thankful that I’m in one group with all of you. No matter what troubles or difficulties we have in the future, we must be united and continue to work towards the top!

Lee Minhyuk
Self introduction: I have the ability to switch from my cute exterior to the sexy weapon that I have hidden inside of me.
Difficulty experienced when preparing for this album: The three months from June to August was a low period for me because the off-promotion time was too long so I felt very lonely. But the time has finally come!
The target for this album: To make sure no one is able to make fun about BTOB. We must become the most charming group!
Opportunity to become a singer: After I watched the musical “Royal Dream of the Moon”, it left a strong impression on me, so when I was in university, I majored in musicals. Because of the training I received in singing and acting, very naturally, I began preparing myself to be a singer.
BTOB’s dormitory: Recently, there is a new internet cafe in our dormitory. All the tables have laptops and if you take a look all the screens are on online games. I can’t say their names but they are the oldest and youngest (laughs) Because we are having our comeback now, the Internet cafe is temporarily out of business.
What “Reckless Family” is to Minhyuk: A chance to learn a more comfortable acting style. Because it is a program that combines variety and sitcom, it was a little difficult at first but after a while, it got easier.
If there was an opportunity to go for a holiday with the other members: Playing at the beach until the wee hours of the morning, non-stop chatting, barbecuing meat and able to drink as much as we want. Sungjae is almost an adult so he should start training his capacity for liquor!
Ultimate romantic technique: Although I don’t have the skill to be very humorous, I will do everything I can to make her smile.
The one who can hold his liquor best: Hyunsik. I’ve only seen him drunk once, before we debuted, he was very sentimental and straightforward, but after a while, he was too tired and passed out (laughs) But his capacity for liquor has alwas been good and he doesn’t get drunk easily.
Message for the members: Like all the times that we have spent together, fill all your time with smiles!

Lee Changsub
Self introduction: Deadly charming and full of strong ideals; lead vocal for BTOB.
Secret weapon: Transforming from a boy to a man! That’s why I have tattoos all over my body in the music video. Rather than the manly image in “Thriller” I think I suit a more cheeky and naughty image.
Your unique habit: I will be very uneasy if one of my things is not at the place it is supposed to be. Among the 7 of us, only my toiletries will be regularly arranged.
School life: I am currently at Howon University studying Practical Music. Because of my schedules, I have gotten some understanding with my professor, so I only need to take the exam. But last semester, I got an F for my exam so during the holidays I have had to study harder and reflect.
A musician you respect: My idol, Michael Jackson.
Ultimate romantic technique: Giving my all in everything.
Changsub’s dream list: Firstly, travel to Jeju Island by myself for a holiday. Secondly, have the figure of the actors in the movie “300,” cross fit! Thirdly, snowboarding! Before I debuted, I used to snowboard but now I can’t do it often because I injured my leg due to how often I have to dance.
Areas which you envy other members for: Yook Sungjae’s appearance? (Laughs)
Message for the members: Let’s continue to trust each other and hang on while we move forward!

Im Hyunsik
Self introduction: BTOB’s centre! Because I’m in the middle according to BTOB’s age line-up. (Laughs)
What was prepared for this album: Originally written songs and I lost weight.
Target for this album: Everyone can recognize my composed songs.
Your attitude while writing songs: I write based on my experiences. In middle school, when I was writing lyrics, the tune just appeared in my head so I recorded it and put in my MEMO. Because I haven’t been in love in a while, so my inspiration for love songs has gone down quite a bit.
Your pride towards your composed songs: The song “Star” was inspired from the time when I was a trainee and had experienced a lot of setbacks and felt a lot of uncertainty towards the future. When I looked up at the night sky, I suddenly was inspired. The song is my monologue of how, although I have achieved my dream as a singer, I will continue to work harder at my dream of becoming a star. By inserting the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” I was showing my aspiration to become a star. “Why” is a song about a grudge against a woman who had a change of heart and was written together with BEAST’s Lee Kikwang sunbae. Because we had similar ideas while writing this, it was a very enjoyable time.
A musician you respect: There’s a lot, though. But it’s still my father, Im Jihoon’s live stage which is the best.
If you were to appear on “SNL”: I have the confidence to act any role well. Our members have always liked funny things, as long as we find something funny or interesting, we will immediately share it in our chatting room.
Message for the members: Let’s achieve our dreams together! I love all of you!

Self introduction: Peniel who has the charm of big eyes and big teeth.
Something you improved in after debuting: Korean! And I got closer to the camera as well.
BTOB’s dormitory: Recently, because we haven’t been able to sleep, I would go with the members to watch a movie in the early hours of the morning without sleeping all night. We even met Super Junior’s Shindong sunbae at the cinema.
Life as a trainee: It was very foreign and strange. I needed to learn a lot about formal speech as well as the interactions with seniors and/or juniors. But the trainees that were together with me gave me a lot of strength.
Close friends in your trainee days: B.A.P’s Youngjae, EXID’s Junghwa and Bestie’s Haeryeong among others.
Peniel’s Instagram: I guess it’s because of my sister’s influence. Since she was young, my sister has liked to take pictures of everything so I used to take these photographs with her. Rather than being photographed, I prefer taking the pictures.
Your experience as an MC on Arirang TV: It helped me to become more comfortable with the camera. But because of the absence of the other members, I felt a little bored by myself.
Message for the members: Let’s work hard together!

Jung Ilhoon
Self introduction: Cute and charming main rapper.
Secret weapon: An all rounded appeal of dark humor.
What was prepared for this album: I used the image of Joker in the movie “The Dark Knight” as well as the Jack from the online comic, “Batch Killer” as inspirations. I tried for a long time in order to properly express the unique feeling of this character. And I lost weight, from 64kg to 55kg? (Laughs)
When writing rap: I will watch a movie or read a book. From stories, I’m able to get some indirect experiences that I can imagine.
The book you are reading now: Park Min Gyu’s “Pavane for a Dead Princess.”
BTOB’s dormitory: Recently, there have been a few light bulbs that are not working in our dorm but we didn’t notice it until we realized that the dorm is becoming darker. That’s when we changed the lightbulbs.
Your goal for your 20s: I must reach my peak.
The best eater: Eunkwang hyung and Minhyuk hyung. The two of them cooked three bowls of jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles) to eat in the middle of the night and tortured the members that are dieting.
The most charming man: Ilhoon! I have a charm which enables me to be so confident that I can choose myself! Haha.
Message for the members: Because the 7 of us are running an eight legged race, before we reach the end please do not be too anxious. Let’s take it step by step, breathing, and running together!

Yook Sungjae
Self introduction: The sexy maknae who has the ability to switch from the external image of looking like the leader to someone who likes to act cute.
What was prepared for this album: I got inspiration from the online comic “Noblesse” and colored my hair and eyebrows blue and even wore blue contact lenses. Even my stage outfit consists of an impressive long cape.
BTOB’s dormitory: Bathing is a first come first serve thing. Changsub hyung always rushes to the bathroom immediately after we get out of the car, without even taking his undergarments. When we’re taking long car rides, we use scissors paper stone to decide who gets to sit in the front.
The person who sleeps in the most: Changsub hyung. For example, if our schedule starts at 10 today, we will only wake up at 10:30. (Laughs)
Something to accomplish before turning 20: Having a concert. This way, I can really feel that I am a singer and it’ll make me feel like a very blessed person.
What “Importance of Angles” is to Sungjae: A way to get closer to the fans.
Something that happened during the photoshoot for CECI: It was very hard to interpret my outfit. I wore a formal top but a skirt at the bottom. But I finished the photoshoot full of confidence. The staff were happy with my performance so they requested a photo together. It was a very happy experience.
A role you would like to attempt: A student. And also a flower beggar. (Laughs)
Sungjae’s dream list: Firstly, tour the country. Secondly, travel around the world. Thirdly, go on a fishing trip with my father.
What you envy about the other members: Eunkwang and Changsub’s personality. I think they have likes and interests that are very different from normal people and when they set their mind on making you laugh, they are determined to make sure you do.
Message for the members: In the future, we must be this way as well, working hard to move forward and become mega stars!

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