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IU confirmed to star in 'Pretty Man' alongside Jang Geun Suk

IU has now been confirmed for her next production,'Pretty Man', meaning she'll be starring alongside the already confirmed Jang Geun Suk in the new KBS 2TV drama.

As mentioned before, IU will be taking on the role of Kim Bo Tong. Like her name which means 'ordinary' or 'average' in Korean, the character is an ordinary girl but has a lovable charm. She also crushes on the 'pretty man', Dok Go Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk), whom she fell in love with at first sight during middle school. Everything she does is for him, and she'll do all that she can to protect her love for him with her 4D ways. Reportedly, she'll find herself in a love triangle with him as well as Lee Jang Woo's character Choi David.

'Pretty Man' is a story about a man with a pretty face who manages to capture the hearts of females easily, and through them, he gains not only riches and power, but also later learns what's truly important in life.

The drama is set to premiere following 'Secrets' so you'll be seeing IU back on the small screen again soon!

IU's post on her fancafe explaining her decision to join Pretty Man


I actually wanted to tell my fans on Uaena first… to find out from the news articles, you guys must have been in a not very good mood! Firstly, I apologise that you had to find out from the news articles ㅜㅜ Originally, I wanted to drop by around Sunday night to thank everyone and to tell you guys, but from the drama’s perspective, it seemed improper to do so. I was waiting today. They said the news articles would be up at 8:30am, so I woke up at exactly 8:30am.. I thought my fans would have an uproar.. and indeed, since morning there were many posts on it. As active as the day I made my comeback!! Hahaha!!.. I understand all your concerns and I know you’re concerned for me. But you ask me why I hopped into the drama like a green frog, knowing you guys are worried for me! Well.. I’m not sure. I just wanted to do it ㅠ0ㅠ About a week after my album was released, I suddenly received the offer, anyway I still have leftover stamina, the promotions this round were quite short, and there are just 4 rounds of concert, so it would be quite a pity for this year to just end like that.. so umm in the last two months for this year, let’s work blazing hard!! and that’s how it was decided.. Ah I had something to say before that.. Some of you are worried and for some reason, feel betrayed deep inside, but this round of promotions was intended to last only 4 weeks. Not because of the drama or the concert, but other reasons.. But something cropped up with regards to that, so now there’s actually some time until the concert..? What should we do? At that moment! Pretty Man entered my life like that… After Soon Shin, I really wanted to act some more. After debuting for 5 years as singer IU, I came in first place last week (teehee♥)… but actress IU has only acted in two dramas so far, she’s just one among the many rookie actresses. I was glad to receive the offer. I want to work like a cow. Anyway, the album promotions did not get shortened because of the drama, I swear on my glassy vocal chords! Secondly, my stamina! Whether it was during Good Day or You and I, I managed to hang in there~ I’m exercising recently and eating well too, so my stamina is no joke~ Don’t worry!
Thirdly, concert! Ah.. actually if you’re worried about this, I’ll feel kind of sad.. You still don’t believe in me!! Although I haven’t always been doing well, I’ve always been working hard. I said if I don’t have the confidence to work hard, I won’t even start on it. If you’re actually worried that I’ll neglect my concert preparations.. then okay! I’ll have to work harderㅠ0ㅠ
There are circumstances that whether my company or me can’t explain, but there’s no need for all of you to be concerned with that. I won’t ask you to support me unconditionally. Just like the side of me that you like. You don’t need to understand everything. The parts that you don’t like, just say, “I don’t like it!!” I’ll just work hard responsibly on what I’ve been tasked with. If you see me working hard and feel like cheering me on, then cheer me on then. It’s okay, you really~~ don’t need to go all out to understand and work hard for me. I’m always sorry that I can’t please all of you.
Finally, have a good lunch!!!♥

source: akp, iu-jjang@tumblr for translation, iu fancafe
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