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4minute's Sohyun to make big screen debut with “Hwanggu”

4minute’s Kwon Sohyun will take on another challenge as she is to make her big screen debut with movie “Hwanggu.*”

She was cast by director Park Yong Jib (“Miss Gold Digger,” “Wedding Dress, ” “Blue.”) as the lead actress.

"Hwanggu" will deal with sensitive issues that encounter multiethnical families as well as the prejudices of society against Hwanggu, the male lead’s character, who was born from a Korean mother and Filipino father.

Sohyun will play a spirited, bright and stubborn college student who will support her mixed boyfriend through his hardships to challenge the national taekwondo title. Her part will be one of a determined young woman who is against any form of injustice and who spends her free time doing voluntary work.

She stated, “It will be my very first individual activity. I feel as if my heart will explode because of the excitement of being part of such great work. [Being chosen to represent] such a meaningful piece of work, I will try my hardest for it to receive as much of a warm welcome from the public as it deserves.”

Meanwhile, filming for “Hwanggu” will start on October 28 and will be complete in November as the movie goes into production. The movie is expected for release in the first half of next year.

(*yellow dog : the nickname of Sohyun’s boyfriend in the movie)

yasss CUBE already working those SIDUS HQ connections

source - 4mf, wowtv, asiae
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