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Lee Yoo Rin's past controversy comes back


Article: Lee Yoorin's past controversy of having sex on stage comes back u "Too focused on the act..."

Source: Newspim via Nate

The same girl who's under controversy right now for making sexual remarks about Jaehyo and Minho. In the past, she was under another controversy for a sexual act during a theater performance. She took off her male co-star's briefs and jerked him off in front of the audience. She later explained, "I was too focused on the acting that I wasn't in the right state of mind. I was reprimanded by my senior for it later."

1. [+185, -4] Why is this crazy woman in the media all of a sudden. She's no good for our children to see. Take em all down.

2. [+166, -7] I read another article about her wanting a one night stand with some Block B member... I don't think she's sane and just saying whatever to get attention. I feel bad for her at this point.

3. [+97, -9] Am I the only one who feels bad for her? Her life is so sad...

4. [+8, -0] This isn't a hateful comment. I sincerely hope she gets mental help.

5. [+5, -0] The most psycho woman I've ever seen in my life

6. [+4, -0] Why is this ugly ajumma in the media today

Earlier this month, she wrote on her personal blog, "Once in a while, I have these thoughts.  I want to try a one-night stand with Block B's Jaehyo.  Handsome men make me happy. Would I be able to meet these kinds of men if I became famous, too?"

She also wrote, "Whether I have a one-sided love with Jaehyo and think about wanting to have sex with him, it's not like I'm stalking him and just have a liking for him."

This caused a controversy in which people thought her words could be considered sexual harassment.  The actress responded on the 21st, "My feelings for the celebrities I liked seemed to have affected that celebrity and his fans so I apologize if I hurt anyone."

Even before this latest comment about Jaehyo, however, she had uploaded a picture of SHINee's Minho undressing back in May and wrote, "You would sing and appear on shows for your fans.  I, likewise, do performances when I think of you.  Would I be able to see you someday? I want to go to see you sing," and, "Your charismatic appearance makes me excited. Want to kiss your charismatic lips... I want to be hugged by you.  I want to have sex with a man like this.  Well, it is you just in my imagination."

More recently in August, she wrote about B1A4's Jinyoung: "Jinyoung is cute.  You are my style.  I love you.  I want to kiss you."

source: netizenbuzz, Allkpop

I am very confused about how to react to this.
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