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A Mini Post about SISTAR's Dasom

Dasom for VOGUE GIRL [NOV. 13]

source: sistarsistar

Dasom got all dolled up for her November ‘Vogue Girl' photoshoot!

The concept of the photoshoot was ‘The main character in a Tim Burton movie’. She left her hair slightly tousled and went for dark, intense make up, pairing it up with dark outfits to transform into a dark, mysterious doll.

Even though Dasom was busy preparing for SISTAR's first concert, she came to the set happy and not looking tired at all. The concept might have been difficult for some, but she pulled it off expertly.

Check out some photos below!

source: sistarsistar [1] & [2]

SISTAR's Dasom showed her support for label mate K.Will's comeback!

Dasom shared on SISTAR’s official Twitter, “K.Will oppa’s ‘You Don’t Know Love’~ I received his autographed CD~ <3 The song is so good~~ Please listen to it~~!!”, and showed off her signed CD. Dasom dressed cute and casual while K.Will cleaned up in formal wear for the stage. The label mates have the potential to make a cute couple with their adorable smiles.

Fans commented, “Dasom and K.Will seem close”, “They look cute together”, and “K.Will’s new song is good. I hope it gains a lot of popularity.”

K.Will made a comeback with ‘You Don’t Know Love’ and has already achieved an all-kill on the music charts!

source: allkpop

[Dasom] Guess what I'm doing now?^ㅇ^ I'm having fun filming for drama Melody Of Love recently~~!! Plz cheer a lot!!

STILL CUTS FROM "Love Through Song (Melody of Love)" PRESS KIT
[Spoiler (click to open)]

source: SISTAR's official Twitter
translation by: givemesistar on twitter
drama stills from goodmerong on tumblr

the photoshoot doesn't exactly scream Tim Burton but Dasom is sooo pretty. I'm excited about "Love Through Song"(/"Beans and Fields"/"Melody of Love" or whatever it's called) but I know I'm getting my hopes up because I doubt it'll be subbed anywhere T_T

also SISTAR's maknae thanks you for your time
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