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[STAR CAST] Q&A: Stars do the asking and SISTAR's SOYOU Answers!

      As recently as July 2013, SISTAR Soyou lacked the public recognition compared to other members. So much so that she was a guest with Dasom on KBS2 'Happy Together 3' episode 'What is your name special' where well known members brought less recognized member. But in a span of only 3 months by October 2013, Soyou has successfully established her personal niche. Soyou starting with 'Officially Missing You, Too' last November with Geeks, is now busy promoting 'Stupid in Love' released last month with Mad Clown. With the huge success of 'Stupid in Love', she has emerged as a 'Hit maker' with all her collaboration efforts becoming smash hits. 'Stupid in Love' has not only maintained a high chart position despite comebacks from digital stalwarts, Busker Busker and IU, but also won first place in on-the-air music chart program. This was achieved without any help from other SISTAR members. Unlike husky and powerful vocals of Hyolyn, Soyou's vocals are husky and airy with delicate and sorrowful charm. Last Chuseok, Soyou gave a performance with Baek Ji-yeong's song on 'Star Face-Off' hinting at capability of a solo career. To Soyou who is now establishing her identity in these ways, stars send their questions.

Actress Park Ha-seon has participated in 'Pink Wings Campaign' in 2011 with Soyou. 'Pink Wings Campaign' was an effort to help Joson Family (children who are raised by grand parents in absense of regular parents). Celebrities participated by doing photo-shoots wearing clothing or make-up of sponsering brands.

Question: I watch regularly with interest and noticed that SISTAR all have great bodies. Among them, I know that other SISTAR members picked Soyou as the figure queen. How do you take care of your figure?
Soyou: I and other members really love to eat delicious food. Normally I will really eat anything without being picky.^^ However, I try to walk as much as possible whenever I have time and am not totally tied up with a busy schedule. And during comebacks or concerts where we have to watch our figures, I modify my diet and exercise regularly!

4minute Heo Ga-yoon and SISTAR Soyou became friends as trainees before debut in the same agency. Soyou appearing in KBS2 'Happy Together 3' with Heo Ga-yoon revealed that she was one of the "Original member of 4minute", and Ga-yoon stated "I thought I would debut with Soyou as a duet. We dreamt of a second Davichi". Still boasting a close special relationship with Soyou, Ga-yoon asks as a close old dear friend of Soyou.

Question: I still think a lot about Kang Ji-hyeon at 17 or 18 on stage. When I see Soyou back then and now after debut, it gives me warm feelings, but also makes me yearn for the past. As you are now, what do you think was better or miss about the time before your debut?
Soyou: When I think back to those days, I think I had no fears or apprehensions. ^^ Nowadays, there are lots of worries and too much thinking, but back then we were just striving for a 'dream'. We were also lucky. ^^ From time to time, I miss those days.

Stylist Jung Bo-yoon is a big hand among Star stylists having worked for over 20 years in the business. As a creator of 'Hyorish' and other popular items, Jung Bo-yoon has been in charge of styling making trends for Seo Taeji and the Boys, Deux, Untitle, Sechs Kies, Fin.K.L, Lee Hyolee, DBSK, SNSD, Beast, and 4minute. She is also in charge of styling for SISTAR.

Question: Ahh~~! As a result of hard work and exercise, you have achieved a wanna-be body, what kind of style do you want me to make for you to show off that body?
Soyou: There are so many styles I want to try, so it is difficult to choose!! ㅠ Compared to before, I have much more interest in fashion. I want to find a style that fits me through different kinds of projects. I really liked the styling for Soyou X Mad Clown concept.

Singer Baek Ji-yeong and SISTAR built their relationship during their promotional activities as singers. SISTAR attended Baek Ji-yeong and Jung Seok-won's wedding, and Soyou sang 'I Won't Love' wearing a special Baek Ji-yeong facial mask at SBS Chuseok Special 'Star Face-Off'. Baek Ji-yeong helped by personally visiting the SBS special make-up studio to help with Soyou's make-up effects, and made a surprise appearance at SISTAR Concert on the 12th cheering "SISTAR are my favorite girls in K-pop."

Question: Your voice is so very charming! ^^ I think your voice is capable of variety of spectrum~ is there a genre of music that you would like to try that you haven't tried thus far?
Soyou: Thank you so much. ^^ First, thank you for liking my voice and having an interest so that I was able to collaborate with some nice artists. It was a great opportunity to try different genre of music from what we did as SISTAR. Given the chance, I would like to try a song with a fast beat and brass session together with both rap and vocals! ^^

Actor Kim Woo-bin does not have any direct relationship with Soyou, but see her every Thursday! Kim Woo-bin has been working as MC for Mnet 'M-Countdown' since last August and Soyou has been busily promoting as an artist, so they see each other at music chart shows often. Currently Kim Woo-bin is busy filming SBS drama 'Heirs' and looking forward to the opening of 'Friends 2' at the theaters.

Question: As MC for 'M-Countdown' I see how popular SISTAR is. As a girl group that is so popular with all men, I think they are also interested in individual members as well. Who are you most close to among the members?
Soyou: I am close to all the members! ^^ If I had to pick just one! then it would be Hyolyn eonni! We have so much in common. We have similar personalities and thoughts so we spend a lot of time together.

Actor Yeo Jin-goo has appeared in music video of SISTAR's agency mate, K.Will's 'I Need You'. In the 'I Need You' music video, Yeo Jin-goo had a love line with SISTAR Bora. Currently Yeo Jin-goo is busy with movie 'Hwhy' and tvN sitcom 'Kamjabyeol 2013QR3'.

Question: I am really enjoying your songs. What is the secret to your singing? Could you teach me later on how to sing?
Soyou: First, I want to thank you! ^^ Should an opportunity arise! I would love to teach you! ^^ Secret to singing well? There is so much more that I have to learn that there is no particular secret. I think you have to know your voice and learn to use it well in order to sing well. It's important to vocalize well, but I think it's most important to be confident.^^

Actress Kim So-yeon is currently taking a breather after recently completing MBC drama '2 Weeks'. When Kim So-yeon heard that the topic was about SISTAR, she mentioned "I also debuted at a young age, so I can empathize with them. But compared to us, they are really great" praising SISTAR's talents as she asked her question.

Question: Even though you are all so young, I am impressed by improvements in dance and singing ability with each single. It doesn't seem as you are really taking any time off even when you are not promoting. I am curious as to how you spend your free time.
Soyou: There are all sorts of special things I want to do during my off time. But when I actually have some time off, I spend it doing ordinary things. I watch TV at home, or meet up with friends for a movie, and chat and drink coffee at a cafe. I'm also an ordinary 22 year old girl. ^^

K.Will is an agency mate of SISTAR. He has released a mini-album on the 18th and is promoting 'You Don't Know Love'. On the 12th, K.Will was a guest at SISTAR's concert lending his support. Last November, K. Will, Soyou, and Boyfriend Jeong-min collaborated on 'White Love'.
Question: Between Geeks and Mad Clown, who did you work better and have more fun with?
Soyou: Collaboration with new artists are always so much fun. With Mad Clown oppa, we did album cover photo shoot, music video, and a short promotion cycle. It was the first time that I went on stage without other SISTAR members. It was a very meaningful promotion since I was able to show a different side of me. I am so happy that we received such an unexpected warm response.

Stars had much interest in SISTAR Soyou's secret to fit body or skills as a vocalist. When you look at stars' questions, you can see how SISTAR dominates both sexy and talent. Even those stars that have no or little relationship with Soyou had kind words to say. To those, Soyou answered truthfully with both humility and care. Soyou who raced ahead with just a dream before debut, is now a star with confidence, taking care of herself and steadily getting better. She is also full of her own ideas and goals. This is the reason why we look forward to SISTAR Soyou in the future.

source: naver // translated by: STAR1USA on FB

I've said this before and I'll say it again Soyou x Mad Clown should've been a whole album; Soyou should be fixed on IS2; Soyou, Soyou, Soyou--you get the picture.
And okay so 3 out of 4 members of SISTAR want do a hip-hop concept. Do you see this Starship? DO. YOU. SEE?

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