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G-Dragon hints that there may be a new Big Bang sub-unit

G-Dragon appeared at the '2013 Style Icon Awards' on the 24th and accepted the Daesang award for 'Style Icon of the Year.'

Afterwards, he met up with Choi Jae Jin and talked about his future plans.

G-Dragon said, "I think I'm going to be busy again from now on. I'm in the stage of wrapping up promotions for my album and Big Bang has a six-location dome tour in Japan this November . . . I am also thinking about a new sub-unit in Big Bang. I hope people anticipate things in relation to Big Bang and a new sub-unit within Big Bang."

Previously, G-Dragon and T.O.P had promoted together as a unit called GD&TOP. Due to G-Dragon's new hint at the possibility, people are hoping they may be able to see all kinds of various units perhaps by the name of GD & VI (Seungri), GD & Sol (Taeyang), T.O.P & VI, and more.

Which members of Big Bang would you like to see in a sub-unit?

Source: akp

Can Seungri be in that sub unit pls?
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