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Trouble Maker to release a 19+ (mature) rated version of their new album

Trouble Maker's second mini-album is set to be released on the 31st, but already it is selling well through pre-orders on various music sites. On top of this, they will be releasing the original album as well as a separate album with a 19+ (mature) rating for adults.

A rep of Trouble Maker's agency Cube Entertainment revealed, "After a lot of thought, we decided to release an album version with a 19+ rating. You will probably be able to see even more sexiness than the current Trouble Maker has shown."

This 19+ album version will be packed with highly shocking images that have not been revealed on the internet. However, the definite time of release has not yet been decided. The agency plans on releasing this new version approximately two weeks after the original album is released so you may have to wait quite a bit longer before you get to see any of these "shocking images".

Trouble Maker's new album is already receiving a lot of attention even a week before its official release as noticeable by its popularity on the pre-order music charts. Trouble Maker will be revealing their new music on various music sites on the 28th and their actual album will start selling on the 31st.

Source: akp

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