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T-ara will go retro for a December comeback

T-ara will make another comeback as retro dancing queens in December

Although it hasn't been long since their comeback, T-ara has already announced their plans to return to their retro concept on December 2nd with title track, "2013 What Should I Do"!

Core Contents Media stated, "T-ara, who have been releasing title tracks back-to-back, will release '2013 What Should I Do' following 'Number 9'. '2013 What Should I Do' will be the main title track.

"2013 What Should I Do" is the work of Shinsadong Tiger and Polar Bear and features sampling of the theme song for the song that won the traditional University Song Festival back in 1977, Sand Pebbles' "What Should I Do?". The newly released jacket image also takes us back in time to that period with a cassette tape.

T-ara shared, "We want to create a retro song that surpasses 'Roly Poly'... We want listeners to remember the University Song Festival through this song."

Source: akp + rhythm7777777

Core Contents Media reveals possible teaser image for T-ara's retro comeback in December

On October 24, T-ara's agency Core Contents Media revealed a picture of Hyomin dressed in retro fashion with sunglasses, cap, striped T-shirt, and most notably, baggy overalls. She is striking a casual model's pose while holding an LP record.

The agency revealed that they are currently mulling over whether this picture would reflect the concept for T-ara's upcoming new track "What Should I Do," which they previously said would be another retro song.

Interestingly, the music score and lyrics of composers Shinsadong Tiger and Polar Bear's "What Should I Do" appear to be in the above picture.

T-ara is currently promoting "Number 9," but is already preparing to make a retro-themed comeback with "What Should I Do" on December 2.

Source: akp

T-ara asks fans to decide which jacket image they should use for upcoming comeback

T-ara is asking Queen's to vote for which jacket image they like the best for the girls' upcoming retro comeback with title track "What Should I Do"!

Core Contents Media has announced that a poll will be held on T-ara's official fan cafe from October 28-30 for fans to cast their votes for which jacket image they want as the official one. 5 lucky fans out of the participants will also be invited to the filming of the "What Should I Do" MV where they'll get to see the unveiling of the new concept firsthand.

T-ara shared, "As much as the jacket image will be decided by the fans, it will be a unique album... We will work just as hard to return with awesome music and stage."

The song will be released on December 2!

Source: akp
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