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IU caught in plagiarism controversy over 'The Red Shoes' + LOEN responds

In the midst of her success with her latest album 'Modern Times', IU has been caught up in a plagiarism controversy over "The Red Shoes".

Many listeners have been commenting that the track, composed by Lee Min Soo and lyrics written by Kim Ee Na, is noticeably similar to Nekta's "Here's Us", which was released in 2009.

Not only have some netizens compiled comparison clips of the two songs, but the phrase "IU The Red Shoes plagiarism?" has been climbing the ranks of search terms.

However, netizens and listeners remain divided on the issue, commenting, "All musical songs sound similar, but the two songs are very similar," "Maybe it's a sample? What is this, I hope someone explains soon," and "It's a common melody in swing jazz. I don't think it's a controversy."

Make up your own mind by listening to the comparison clip below, and let us know what you think about the supposed controversy.

Source: Sports Seoul, News1, Xsports News + akp + Numero Uno

look at akp sourcing so many sites!!!1

LOEN Entertainment denied the plagiarism accusations surrounding IU's "The Red Shoes", which netizens noticed sounds similar to Nekta's "Here's Us".

LOEN Entertainment responded on the 26th, "We are releasing our official response after reviewing the opinions of 'The Red Shoes' composer Lee Min Soo and other music experts. A portion of the melody for 'Here's Us' and the melody of the second measure [B part] in 'The Red Shoes' sound similar but the chord progression of the two songs are totally different."

"'The Red Shoes' uses a B-flat minor scale chord progression with a B-flat minor-bm7-cm7-cm6-f7sus4-f7 but 'Here's Us' uses a dominant scale chord progression of B-flat major. Also, the chorus and first measure [A part], the song's latter-half bridge part, as well as the overall melody, composition, and instrumental arrangement reveal it to be a totally different song."

The agency also assured fans that IU will continue with her activities as planned, stating, "[IU] is currently preparing for her upcoming solo concert to be held at the end of November and her Japanese promotions to be carried out at the end of the year. She is also carrying out her filming schedule for her drama, 'Pretty Man', as originally scheduled."

Source: OSEN via Nate + akp
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