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BtoB's interview for Arena Homme, they are perfect

photoshoot is here :)

Sungjae who has yet to become of age

Because you are not of age yet, you are the only one who cannot act in SNL Korea.
As the only person in the group who has not come of age, there are benefits and things that only underage people can do. Such as, being able to whine immediately without any preparation beforehand.

Is it because you are young, so it is easily forgiven?
Yes! And I am the only one who can use the fact that I am the only underage member. (laughs) But in 2 months, I will be an adult. BTOB is going to become “adult-dols”.

What do you want to do once you become of age?
Although I would like everyone to see me when I’m talkative and joking around, but I would also like to show everyone my mature and sensitive side. Firstly, I have to become more cool. In my actions, words and all the little details, I will slowly change. Such as improving my handwriting to become neater? Eh? I’ve been practicing my handwriting recently. All the lines seem to be my enemies.

Your gag seems to be a bit different. Although you are very handsome, but it is ruined so others have said that it is “an idol who wastes his good looks”?
Since I was young, no matter where I went, I would play like crazy. That’s why I got the nickname “Crazy Handsome Yook” and “Yook Sungjae is a crazy handsome dog who looks handsome”. Basically, everyone would call me by the nickname of “Crazy Dog”.

If you had to choose between your looks and your gag?
Of course my looks.

Anything you would like to say to your hyungs?
I’m an adult now too so when you go play, please take me along too!

Peniel & Instagram

I heard that you were born and grew up in America but came to Korea after passing a global audition of a Korean entertainment company?
I was only about 10 then when I heard that there would be a global audition. I wasn’t very confident at being selected but I took part anyway. At the time, I couldn’t really dance or sing that well so I played my guitar and sang Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”.

You were the last to join the members. What was your first impression of the members?
Sungjae gave me the strongest impression. Now that we have grown up, it’s a bit different but in the past he really looked a lot like Seo In Guk sunbae. At first I thought: Eh? Seo In Guk is in this company?

How does it feel to stay in the dorms?
In the previous company I was with, I did experience living with other members in a dorm. At the beginning, because I had no parents around to control me, it felt very good to have freedom. But later, I started to feel a bit lonely. When I was sick, there was no one to look after me.

By so actively using Instagram, the fans seem to like it very much.
Luckily, everyone likes it.

Are there a few photos and videos that should not be released on SNS sites?
Yes. There are some that are restricted to 19 and above.

Is there something that you like more? Or something you feel was taken very well?
Yes yes. But because it is something that cannot be uploaded, I will not say.

Cute Jung Ilhoon who is very good at rap

When did you officially start to rap?
When I was in middle school, I started to pay more attention to HipHop. I also went to watch many performances and listened to a lot of music.

Did you enter the company to become an idol?
Actually, in the beginning, I wanted to rap and learn to become a composer. I wanted to do music but I didn’t know how to. Without much direction, I met the CEO of Cube and spoke to him for a long while. He told me, “Come again in one week!”. After I left, I practiced hard before returning. I didn’t even audition but just talked with him. He seemed to see something in me, who was as blank as a piece of white paper.

Any musicians you want to work with?
My older sister, Joo. Actually, I regularly talk to my sister about music. As a senior in the music industry, my sister not only gives me advice but more importantly she gives me endless support and believes that I can do even better.

I’ve heard you are the one who created the Cutie Player?
Ah~ I’m a little shy about that. One of the CUBE trainees said I could do it in a variety program me in the future. In “Weekly Idol”, I did it as a personal talent because I had nothing else to show.

So have you ever thought of creating a continuation?
When people are clapping it is time to stop. (Finish up while it is received well)

Singer & Composer Im Hyunsik

Were you very influenced by your father (Im Jihoon)?
Since I was young, I regularly went to my father’s concerts and grew up listening to many nice songs and received many blessings. That’s how I was exposed to Stevie Wonder and started liking Negro music. And I also listened to a lot of jazz and blues music.

Have you always wanted to be a singer?
Actually I have always wanted to do something related to music. Becoming a successful composer, or using songs to express myself as a composer and singer has always been my dream.

Although you are interested in music, are you unsatisfied with the prejudice that comes with being an idol who writes his own music?
That’s why I was troubled in the beginning. But I think now is the process of achieving my dream so I’m learning with a thankful heart.

There are 7 members, among whom you have to split your parts among. Due to your high expectations towards muss, are there any areas where you feel regretful?
Actually, it is really hard to show the charms of all 7 members on stage with just one song. In this album, if you listened to the two songs I wrote, you will know that I actually have already expressed each member’s individual personality. In the first place, I was thinking of them while writing the songs so I’m very pleased.

Do you think idols can become musicians? This is a question I have ten asking a lot recently.
We are very confident in this aspect. Our live version of the songs are quite popular as well. (laughs)

Lee Changsub, the man who treasures his fans

Looking at your twitter, it seems like you have a lot of love for your fans?
Because they are people who like us and support us, so I’m very thankful to them.

We always see you use the phrase “예지앞사”. What does it mean?
It is a shortened phrase of “Loving you in the past, present and future.” That’s why I wrote it this way and now everyone is writing it with me too.

During your activities, if there any moment that is extremely memorable?
Every moment is very memorable. The people who always come to watch our performances and bring us support, everyone stays in my memory. When we were in Japan, because it was Ilhoon’s birthday, so about 1000 fans wrote congratulatory messages to pass to us and I was really thankful and emotional. If it was my birthday, I think I would already have burst into tears.

Towards your fans, or rather when you usually speak, you give a very cute feeling. But once you’re on stage, you exude a very manly and handsome image, especially with your tattoo?
The tattoo was done before the release of “Thriller”. It is a short text that my mother sent me when I was going through a hard time. It is a sentence from the Bible that I always carry with me in my heart: “Do not be afraid, I am with you always”.

What do you think your manly charm is?
I’m quite stubborn. Occasionally I do not listen to what the younger or older members say and argue with them. I’m the type that cannot bear to keep unhappy things to myself. No matter what, I like to settle it quickly and solve it.

Any sport you enjoy doing?
Skateboarding. When I was in middle school, I once prepared to do it competitively. But after resting for a long time, I now feel it is quite scary and I probably won’t be able to do it. And my skills have deteriorated.

Are you still a distance away from becoming a real man?
I am burning with action and within my heart. It is the most important to have a burning heart!

Lee Minhyuk’s Wait

The official activities for your third mini album “Thriller” have ended. How do you feel?
When we debuted, we didn’t have enough time to get very well-known. So I was very pleased with the response this time. Although we aren’t very successful from the point of the entire music industry because we haven’t won first place, but we are working towards getting there so we are not anxious.

You belong to the same company as BEAST and 4Minute. When you debuted, did you anticipate anything?
Although it is not to the level of “daebak”, there definitely was some amount of it. It wasn’t as easy as I expected. The year we debuted, there were about 100 other groups debuting as well and was a year with a record number of debuting groups. So we all feel that instead of saying “See who is more popular”, it’s more like “See who can survive”.

Standing on the debut stage, could you feel the gap between reality and what you imagined?
The industry is calm but the reality is cruel. Of course we could feel it. But, after we started or life in this industry, we were not defeated by the harsh reality but instead found happiness in it. We have all tried before, going places to look for a certain kind of happiness.

You can only succeed if you have the poisonous factor. But BTOB doesn’t have it?
To us, what’s important is not or speed. What can we do by moving speedily to the top? You’ll miss out on all the beautiful things on the way up. One day, we will definitely see the scenery at the peak. But as long as we slowly appreciate the beauty of things as we climb up slowly, that is enough. With 7 members, encouraging each other and supporting each other.

The insecurities and weaknesses you have for the uncertain future will come for you one day, no?
That’s why I need the existence of the other 6 members. We are not 7 individual people. At that time, we will encourage and support each other.

Today, during the photoshoot, we felt that everyone was really obedient. It feels like you guys might go home and knit. Good boys have no excitement.
If to everyone, we look that pure, in actuality we are even naughtier. (laughs)

Seo Eunkwang’s Sense of Responsibility

During the photoshoot, when you faced the wall and talked to yourself, you really gave us a shock. Were you practicing for your musical?
"Monte Cristo" just ended not too long ago and now I’m preparing for the musical "Gwanghwamun Sonata" in China.

How long did it take for the 7 members to come together as a group?
It took about 2 years for all the members to come together.7 of us eat and sleep in the same room, so now just with one look, we know what the other person is thinking.

It must be a little difficult spending all your time with each other, as 7 boys in their 20s, each with your own personality?
Actually, when you first meet someone, of course, you will feel that there is a difference in personalities. But after spending time together, everyone will slowly bond and we realize that actually our attitudes and actions are really quite similar.

Which areas will all of you come together and match with each other?
We love to laugh. We’ll come together to laugh at each other.

As the leader, will you feel stressed by your responsibilities within the group?
Of course. But we’re different from the groups who have a lot of people, with one or two uncooperative members. We don’t have anyone like that in our group. Everyone is able to respect and understand each other. So we feel very awed as well that we were able to come together like this.

As the leader, in order to broaden your knowledge and experience, is there anything you are focusing on right now?
Recently, I’ve been playing “League of Legends” and have learnt meticulous control as well as team spirit. (laughs)

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