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2PM in Frankfurt, Compilation Post

 photo 2PM-Will-Perform-with-Lee-Min-Ja-in-Germany_zps3b0972e6.jpg

In order to commemorate 130 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and Germany and 50 years since Korean laborers were sent to Germany, Lee Mi Ja, Cho Yong Nam, and 2PM held a special concert in Frankfurt yesterday. The concert took place at the Jahrhunderthalle (Century Hall) in Frankfurt and the tickets were given away for free, therefore they were gone quite quickly.

 photo tumblr_mvbg3cSzek1rk08eto2_1280_zpsd3cadeec.jpg

After various songs performed by Lee Mi-Ja as well as Cho Yong Nam, 2PM appeared on stage approximitely 2 hours after the show began.
They performed a mix of songs, from older songs like "Heartbeat" to "Hands Up". Their performance was energetic and pulled everyone from their seats, even the older veterans "put their hands up" when 2PM asked the crowd to, some fans even left their seats to run towards the stage.


I hate you

Come back when you hear this song

A bit of fanservice aka Taecyeon touching Nichkhun's butt

Collaboration song: Lee Mi Ja feat. 2PM

Full performance (minues the collaboration song with Lee Mi-Ja)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

EDIT: Additional full performance video

2PM in Frankfurt:

On Goetheplatz
 photo 1385512_10151815240023512_309852532_n_zps33881106.jpg
 photo 1383834_10151815510913512_1071468694_n_zps677da890.jpg
 photo Clipboard015_zps7bb21a66.jpg
Zeil (shopping street)
 photo 817871166_zps6014bc46.jpg

 photo 1381541_10151816062483512_1538192418_n_zps67666492.jpg

Performance Photos:
 photo tumblr_mvbg3cSzek1rk08eto7_1280_zps5636e3a3.jpg
 photo tumblr_mvbr6gknOD1rk08eto4_500_zpsa25bd325.jpg
 photo tumblr_mvbr6gknOD1rk08eto2_500_zpsdf74c4a2.jpg

Airport Arrival in Frankfurt:

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