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A hodge podge of B1A4 updates


Sandeul impresses on 'Immortal Song'

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+345, -30] First time leaving a comment on an article... Wheesung did really great beforehand so when it was Sandeul's turn, I wondered how good an idol possibly could be, especially since I had never seen his solo stage... but wow.. I was really touched. The emotions that he was able to exude made it hard to believe that he was only a 92er. I believe that his aunt in heaven would have been proud of him. Do well, Sandeul!

2. [+353, -45] I bet everyone is thinking that the people leaving comments here are mindless idol fans but I suggest you actually go watch his performance before assuming that

3. [+322, -41] Sandeul and the rest of B1A4 are known for being good kids ㅎㅎ I like Sandeul especially for having good song focus and talent at a young age. I admit that I had a bias against idol singers but Sandeul changed that around for me ㅎㅎ Congrats on the win, Sandeul~
4. [+40, -2] I like how before his stage, he didn't talk on and on about his late aunt during the interview and just simply said that he will be singing for her. It's unfair to say that he got his votes by appealing to the audience on pity emotions alone.

5. [+31, -2] I was in the audience that day and every single artist did well... At the end of Sandeul's song, people around me were sniffling.. If he's able to exude that much at age 22, then I trust that he'll be able to mature into an even more amazing artist with age.

6. [+31, -2] I'm not an idol fan myself so I ask those of you voting down the article just because he's an idol to at least go watch his stage... it was a performance that breaks all idol stereotypes! I saw Sandeul in a new light today. I was touched by his genuine emotions and his tears at the end... Fighting, Sandeul!

7. [+28, -3] There are a lot of idols who sing well... but few that are able to deliver the emotions that Sandeul can. It's a waste for him to be an idol.

8. [+26, -4] I don't usually watch this show but I chanced upon it towards the end of Sandeul's song and I sat watching in awe. I thought he was a solo singer but I looked him up and he's actually an idol... either way, he's daebak talented.

Sandeul wants to sing a duet with A Pink’s Eunji

B1A4's Sandeul revealed that he wanted to sing a duet with A Pink's Eunji!

On the recent episode of 'Immortal Song 2', he had his pre-stage interview about the duet "The Pain Deeper Than Love", sung by a real-life singer couple that was also on the show. When asked if he had a female singer he ever wanted to sing a duet with, he shyly chose Eunji as his pick.

Sandeul went onward to win the episode with Lim Jae Bum's "I'm a Candle Before You", gathering the support of the entire crowd with his amazing performance.

How do you think Eunji and Sandeul would sound in a duet together?

Q: Ok, so it’s been decided that you’re going to go on a date with a girl you like. Instead of the actual person, the other members please think of the selected person’s date plans. Starting with Jinyoung’s date.
[Gongchan] First of all, why do we have to think about Jinyoung hyungs date anyway? (angry) Do it on your own.
[Everyone] (Laughing uncontrollably)
Q: Well if you say that then we lose everything (no other plan for the interview).
[Gongchan] I’m just joking (laughing). If it’s a date with a special girl then it should be a date that you can’t usually do.
[Jinyoung] That sounds good~!
[Gongchan] What about mountain climbing? They’ll wear their mountain climbing fashion, view the sunset, and if they saw the sunrise together, it would be really moving and if they both go through the hardship together, I think their bond could get tighter.
[Sandeul] And they’ll both wear their clothes inside-out (laugh).
[Baro] Also, if it’s during the summer then going to a water park would be fun.
[CNU] Inviting the girl over would be good too right?
[Baro] I like that! We’re going to call the girl over to Jinyoung’s work room~!

Q: If his girlfriend sees Jinyoung immersed in his work, she’ll fall for him again for sure.
[Baro] Ah, before we invite her over, I’ll have to clean his work room (laugh). And after everything is tidied, we’ll invite her over, and we’ll have Jinyoung hyung be working constantly, and I’ll give the girl some snacks.
[Jinyoung] Why are you there anyway Baro (laugh).
[Baro] I feel like after 5 minutes that she’ll get bored, so when that happens, Sandeul and I will take her to the water park.
[Jinyoung] What I’m asking is, why you are getting involved in my date! And now Sandeul too (angry).
[Baro] Because, we’re thinking of your date plan, it’s inevitable that we’re involved (laugh).
[Jinyoung] Fine. I gave up on a date with just my girlfriend. On the other hand, make sure you make her have fun.

[rest of the interview]

Q: Ok, now think of Sandeul’s date plan please.
[CNU] Sandeul doesn’t really have a good sense of fashion (bitter smile).
[Sandeul] ……I am putting in effort every day.
[Baro] Your effort is still short (laugh).
[CNU] So, I’ll coordinate his clothes to be a bright casual fashion and try to make him look as cute and stylish when he leaves the house.
[Sandeul] Ah~ if that’s the case then I will take that offer!
[Jinyoung] I’ll buy 2 tickets to a concert of Sandeul’s favorite artist so you can go there with her, and after the concert, you’ll sit on a bench at a park at night, and while gazing at the stars, you can let her listen to you sing quietly next to her ear; then maybe she’ll like you?
[Sandeul] That sounds good~!

Q: That’s romantic.
[Gongchan] But Sandeul hyung’s singing is loud so it’ll become a bother to the neighbors (laugh).
[Jinyoung] That’s true, because even if he starts off singing soft, he’ll become immersed and without realizing, it’ll get louder and louder (laugh).
[Baro] But Sandeul is the most attractive when he’s singing so we’ll have him come to Jinyoung hyungs work room and maybe she should watch him sing there?
[CNU] Yeah, that’s good.
[Baro] And Jinyoung hyung’s work room is probably going to be messy again anyway so I’ll clean it up, and while Sandeul is singing his heart out, I’ll give her some snacks.
[Jinyoung] You’re going to bother again (laugh).
[Baro] And it would be a waste if nobody went to the concert that Jinyoung hyung bought the tickets for so I’ll go to that showing and I’ll rush back and add more snacks (laugh).
[Sandeul] We don’t need that much snacks.
[Baro] No, she’ll probably feel a little hungry while listening to Sandeul sing and eat the snacks.
[Jinyoung] Also, once you start concentrating on singing, you might even forget that she’s there.
[Sandeul] I wouldn’t forget her if she’s right in front of me (laugh). Help me Gongchan.
[Gongchan] (stares at Sandeul)……
[Sandeul] Say something (laugh).
[Gongchan] Ha~ (sighs)
[Everyone] (laughs uncontrollably)
[Gongchan] Ah, Sandeul hyung’s specialty is stuff like snowboarding and skating, and you like to ride things so what about a date on a 2 person bike?
[Sandeul] That’s good~ Thank you Gongchan!!
[CNU] I want to see how Sandeul would manage if we were to readjust the bike so that the brakes don’t  work (laugh).
[Sandeul] Hey, are you guys all trying to tear my girlfriend and I apart?
[CNU] That’s not what we’re trying to do~. I just want to see Sandeul reaction when an accident occurs.
[Sandeul] Of course I’ll protect my girlfriend right away!
[Baro] I can’t believe that~ (laugh).
[Sandeul] I will protect her!

Q: I believe in Sandeul. Then think of Baro’s date plan.
[Jinyoung] I’ll make a reservation at a classy restaurant with good mood so how about you guys eat some good food and Baro can entertain her with his fluent talk?
[CNU] Then I’ll teach Baro manners that guys should do like pulling out her chair before you sit down yourself, cutting the meat for her, to not let her stand by the roadway and to open the car door for her. I’ll teach him in detail.
[Baro] I appreciate your guys’ thoughts but I honestly don’t want to go on a date that would make me nervous like that~.
[Sandeul] Then, although it’ll be small, I want to prepare a stage for Baro and his girlfriend.
[Jinyoung] What should we do?
[Sandeul] Hmm~……(thinks for a while)
[Jinyoung] Then we’ll leave the stage cluttered, so you can clean it up and give her some snacks (laugh).
[Baro] That’s not something to do with my girlfriend (laugh).
[Gongchan] I really think girls like it when a guy sweats.
[CNU] Sauna? (laugh)
[Gongchan] Not a sauna but, since Baro hyung is good at physical activities, they could do some exercising together; I thought that could bring them closer.
[Sandeul] I got it! We’ll prepare a soccer goal, so Baro you can make a goal in front of the goal.
[Baro] Ooo~ that sounds good~. Then, Sandeul you’ll be the goal keeper.
[Sandeul] Um, I’m not too sure about that (laugh).
[Baro] I can control it, it’ll be fine.
[Sandeul] I’ll collect balls that you can certainly score!
[CNU] If that kind of ball existed, everyone would be using it (laugh).

Q: Now, think of Gongchan’s date plan.
[Baro] Gongchan is a good looking guy like a mannequin to begin with but to make him look even more brilliant, I’ll hold something like a mirror or a reflector board at all times during the date (laugh).
[CNU] Then to make Gongchan look stronger, I’ll become a bad guy and take Gongchan into an alley where I’ll act like Gongchan beat me in a fight (laugh). This is because a girl like a guy who can protect her.
[Jinyoung] Before that, I would like to strictly teach manners about love. Since this would be his first love, there’s a chance that he’ll have some failures, so in order to avoid that, I’ll have a manner lecture with him.
[Sandeul] Then, out of my sacrificial feelings, I’ll wear some ripped clothes and act like an unfortunate person next to Gongchan. If I do that, wouldn’t his attractiveness be more prominent?
Q: Very impressive cooperation. And with Gongchan’s date, everyone is always going to be there I see.
[Baro] Yes. We’re worried because Gongchan doesn’t have any experience with love.
Q: You’re lucky to have hyungs that are dependable like this.
[Gongchan] But, it’s my long-awaited date and all the members are there……If I could, I would just want to be alone with her.
[Jinyoung] That cannot be accepted.
[Everyone] You’re too early for that (laugh).

Q: Then, at last, think of CNU’s date plan.
[Gongchan] I’ll rent a car, so I want him to go on a drive with her.
[CNU] Instead of a rental car, you might as well buy me one (laugh).
[Gongchan] If I could, I would buy one~. But I can’t afford that right now, so I’ll pay for the rental fee (laugh).
[Sandeul] Then think of something they can listen to in the car. Since CNU hyung is quiet, to not make things silent, I’ll choose songs of nice mood.
[CNU] Um~ can I issue my veto?
Q: Why?
[CNU] I know for a fact that Sandeul’s choice of song are not going to be of my liking so I’ll listen to what I want to listen to.
[Sandeul] I know what kind of music you like. (suddenly dishevel his hair and roars) Heavy metal right?
[CNU] That is completely incorrect (laugh). So I reject that idea.
[Jinyoung] I’ll be the driver. Then the two can relax in the back.
[CNU] I’ll reject that as weill (laugh).
[Jinyoung] Why? I thought it was a good idea.
[CNU] Why does everyone have to come when I want to be alone with her~.
[Everyone] (laughs uncontrollably)
[Baro] I heard once that girls like it when guys back up a car with only one hand on the wheel, but CNU hyung seems to dislike that, so in order to do that without a problem, I’ll clean the windows and I’ll guide him in the back so CNU hyung would look cool (laugh).
[CNU] I’ll reject this too (laugh). I’ll be fine even if you don’t all of that~
[Sandeul] Okay~ we won’t do anything so don’t get so mad. Ah, at least let us pay for gas.
[CNU] ……then I’ll take that (laugh).
[Baro] Then I’ll just wipe the back window clean (laugh).


[CNU] I met Malgeumie….. But it seems like a one sided love…


[CNU] The tomato and cucumber plants, I planted on September 31, sprouted.


[CNU] What could I be doing ㅎㅎ


[CNU] October 10th I only gave them water, but the sprouts sprouted.

[more updates!]131015

[Gongchan] I didn’t logout (t/n: referring to a post made through his account earlier)  ㅜㅜ


[Baro] Ahhhhhhhh it’s raininnnnnnnnngggggggggggg


[Baro] Good morning good morning oohlachacha!!


[Baro] Tonight TvN 8:50 Reply 1994/ Watch the first broadcast!!! I’m watching you….😜


[Gongchan] As soon as CNU hyung came back from the radio station, he looked for roasted sweet potatoes


[Jinyoung] The season of roasted sweet potatoes has come ㅋ


[Gongchan] CNU hyung, what are you doing?

[CNU] 10.23 Finished potting  ♡

1310126 (they're talking about Immortal Song ^^ and tweeting each other while they're in the same car lol)

Baro: Ha… Deul-ah.. Wait while I wipe my tears..ㅜㅡ Your type of man hakk.. Congratulations friend you were awesome
Sandeul: Baro…I’m grateful…but… In our type of relationship was it embarrassing just to say it to me??ㅋㅋ Anyways thanks!! Bing Geurae fighting ㅎㅎ
Baro: … Grateful or not… Ddek!!

source: nate, netizenbuzz + akp + oricon, kouko @ aviateb1a4 + therealbbro + dayoung @ b1a4trans 1, 2

ϟ Happy halloween from B1A4 ϟ

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