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OFFROAD loses two members?

The stylish indie group OFFROAD, who debuted with "Bebop" and later followed it up with a totally rad jam called "Headbanging", has been on an indefinite hiatus for awhile now.  They wrapped up their television show, "OFFROAD: The Adventure" a couple months ago, so what's the holdup?

Losing two members, apparently.

Seunghun deleted his Twitter account a few weeks ago, and leader G.I not only changed his Twitter handle to something that does not tie his relation to the group, but also left a tweet stating:
"I'm sorry, I love you and I am always grateful."

Sihwan has yet to tweet about their status, while main vocalist Rio tweeted with hints at G.I's and Seunghun's solo careers:
and Kino also tweeted, twice (1, 2):
"Please expect more in the future!"
"Although two members withdrew from OFFROAD... we always like to ask a lot of support and love... I will work harder."

What are your thoughts on OFFROAD's loss?

ugh, one of my favourite groups. so sad tbh

Sources: r
io's twitter acct, kino's twitter acct, G.I's twitter acct, official OFFROAD twitter
Tags: ex-group members, nugu

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