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miss A to release their 2nd full album on November 6th!

After 1 year since the release of "Independent Women Pt 3", miss A will be coming back with their 2nd full album, "Hush", to be released on November 6th.

Unlike previous releases where the group has promoted songs produced by Park Jinyoung, miss A's title track, which gives name to the album, is produced by E-Tribe, responsible for Girls' Generation's mega hit "Gee", Lee Hyori's "U-Go-Girl", Super Junior's "It's You", T-ara's "Yayaya", fellow JYP artist JOO's "Bad Guy" and girl group DalShabet.

This is is not only the 1st time since debut that miss A will promote a title song that is not by Park Jinyoung, but also the 1st time a JYP dance group doesn't promote one of his songs.

On November 28th, a company official revealed their comeback would give a completely different feeling from miss A song's so far and that this week they were preparing for their full-scale promotions which would continue until the end of the year.

miss A is expected to make their 1st comeback stage with "Hush" on Mnet M Countdown on November 7th.

In accordance with the press release about miss A's return, information about 7 of the songs to be included in the album recently came up on the Korea Music Copyright Association's website as listed below in no particular order.

- Hide & Sick
1st bar lyrics: 니가왜이별을말해더어이없는건
Produced by: Lee Woomin

- Hush
Other title: Hush (Party Version)
1st bar lyrics: 숨소리가들려YEAH몸이녹아내려
Lyrics: E-Tribe, Min Yeonjae
Composer: E-Tribe

- Like U
1st bar lyrics: 나홀로남아널떠올리니
Lyrics: Park Hyesoo, Noday
Composer: Noday

- Love Is U
1st bar lyrics: 그대와의기억모두다LOVE IS TRUE
Producers: HeukTae, Park Woosang

- Mama I'm Good
1st bar lyrics: 모두나를구속해남들과는다른나를
Producers: Jinoo, Peter, Young Sky, Nayeong (Team One Sound)

- Spotlight
1st bar lyrics: HEY BOY오늘은좀달라보여
Producers: Tommy Park, Song Seunggeun

- 놀러와
1st bar lyrics: 오늘말야우리집에놀러오지않을래
Producers: Patricia Petille, Eniac (Cassette Schwarzenegger)

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Mods please ignore my previous post and accept this one with extra info! And excuse me while i am already pissed at jype/aqe because of the way they already are fucking up their promotions.
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