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Roundtable: Fantasy Collaborations

Calling all Omonians! This is a discussion post...or a pimp post. However you see it. Whether you're here to place bets, haggle , or watch- NOW is the time. Fresh off the whiffs or Troublemaker, my mind began thinking just what would be the best collaboration. What would be their theme? What would make me so happy that my ovaries would have ovaries before imploding into oblivion? I came to an answer that made me so happy it made me sad because I would perhaps never see it. I concluded that I would feel better if everyone else joined me in stating their impossible or possible collars. I even put a nifty format at the bottom. What collab would you love to see happen? Speak now or forever hold your peace! (Make sure to close the space between the forward slash and the letter b or letter u in order to close and complete the tags in the coding below)

This is my vote :D

1. Female/Female Kpop Collab
Image Hosted by

Who: Gummy/Lee Hi
Genre: R&B ballad
Theme:Lee Hi is coldly singing about not being sorry for taking Gummy's man and Gummy is singing about how she'll cut a bish.
Why: Only female pairing I think I'd get excited about really. It would be interesting.

2. Male/Male Kpop Collab
Image Hosted by

Who: Bang Yonggook (B.A.P), Rapmon (BTS), Zico (Block B)
Genre: Rap
Theme: Cypher a.k.a Throwin down the gauntlet (tentatively called BangMon & Co.)
Why: I see it as just a great collab to go HAM on everything and show the difference in style between them.

3. Male/Female Kpop Collab
Image Hosted by

Who: Joon (MBLAQ) and Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls)
Genre: Pop/soft ballad
Theme: Seductive love/hate relationship with the tearing of clothes, banging up against the wall, real kissing, and bed scenes
Why: Ga In is great at acting. Joon is great at acting. Neither is afraid of sexy time. This is the formula for a controversial video gone right.

4. Kpop/Non-Kpop Collab
Image Hosted by

Who: Jaejoong(JYJ) and Gackt (or Hyde)
Genre: Rock
Theme:Vampires…just vampires
Why: Why NOT? J-rock touching my kpop fandom is a blessing at almost all times, but this would especially be the cream on the cake (for my funeral because I will die if this happens).

Sources: Soompi/Tumblr/MTV K/Kpop Collective/ Image Shack/Blogspot/Blogspot/Tumblr/Tumblr

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