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Info about Chrome Ent's boygroup!

The first official teaser images have been uploaded!

The Snakehead has no natural enemies.
On any continent, in any environment
They live and breath and immediatly
Create a way of life,
The can even survive in harsh environments
If they have a strong spirit,
The have the tenacity to exist
Outside of water for a considerable amount of time.

AKP and other various news sites reported the group's name to be Snakehead, but that is incorrect! The group's official Korean name is 가물치 (Gamulchi), which translates to a type of Snakehead fish, but their official English/International name will be K-Much (케이머치) which, when spoken aloud, sounds similar to 가물치. K-Much was originally going to be their official name for everything, but Doomok changed it after getting feedback from fans.

As mentioned previously, the group's concept is not going to be comedic like Crayon Pop's, but they will be doing dance music! A few of the members (Younggyun and Sunghyun) have been with the company for over a year now (as members of Sound Surfer, the dance crew that Crayon Pop's two choreographers (one now, since Appa Sae left the company) are part of) but they didn't begin preparing to debut until about 6 months ago (around the time of Bar Bar Bar).

There is some speculation on blogs and various news sites that the male trainee that was mentioned by Doomok when Crayon Pop's Ilbe scandal first broke is now going to debut in this group, but it's more than likely that he has either been released from the company or is simply working there as a regular employee. The group was first teased with 6 members but now only 5 are confirmed to be debuting. Doomok would not take the chance of starting them off on the wrong foot when there's already so much against them,

Below are some videos uploaded by Appa Sae that show Younggyun (all black with a bowl cut) and Sunghyun (black shirt with white writing) in their element! Appa Sae is the man in the front middle and Wadduwari, Crayon Pop's other choreographer, is the girl with short hair.

Sound Surfer Free Practice

Sound Surfer Step Practice

Appa Sae, Wadduwari, and Younggyun; "Jonte Cover Dance"

and there's another video of Sound Surfer practicing with Younggyun and Sunghyun, but the yt version has the audio blocked for copyright infringement. will update or comment soon as the version with audio is uploaded somewhere else.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!

srcs: k-much blog, fy-kmuch, appa sae's yt, translations by me
Tags: pre-debut

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