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Netizens are obsessed with EXO: Big Bang comeback edition

A new report out of Star News is saying that Big Bang is preparing for a "whole group" comeback by the end of the year, after TOP's solo. However, the real story here might be what netizens are saying about it....

1. [+3,893, -349] Please catch EXO.... I don't like idols but Big Bang's okay

2. [+3,107, -121] Wow finally... they're going to sweep everything up.

3. [+2,723, -97] I've been waiting for the Big Bang hyungs

4. [+679, -19] So they're going to put out a group album along with Taeyang and TOP solos... within the next two months?? As if they're not busy enough with the solos alone... That means barely a month of group promotions. Just push the group comeback to next month and focus on giving Taeyang and TOP the proper promotions for their solos.

5. [+605, -16] I want to see a comeback but I think they'll be too short on time

6. [+590, -54] EXO fans are in trouble now ㅋㅋ they'll probably keep their mouths shut for a while now

7. [+499, -14] So the finale of the year goes to Big Bang, looking forward to it ㅋ

8. [+472, -7] Three teams will be promoting in two months? Is this even realistically possible?

Source: Star News via Naver

Translation: Netizen Buzz
Tags: big bang, comebacks, exo, netizens

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