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First off, this post is mostly about Omona biznass that we need to take care of righ quick. If you don't like anything or have a problem with it, please email us on omonamods [at] gmail [dot] com instead of treating a hate meme like our comm email, okay? Cos we don't stalk that shit.

I did this post last night in a fairly humorous manner, but this accusations and finger pointing at the mods are getting frustrating. We try to make this place fun but I'm guessing it's not enough for some of your demands. You can choose not to read it, just don't get butthurt when you have no idea what's going on.

1. Warnings

You get a warning if you:
- look like you're bullying or ganging up on a member
- display trollish behaviour (despite not being an actual troll)
- delete comments by other users in a post that you made
- personally attack another user*

* Personally attacking another user DOES NOT include people telling you to "DIAF", "STFU", or calling you "NOOB" and other internet lingo that you may misunderstand. Maybe you should put an internet shield over your heart before coming in or something idk if things get too hard to handle. Anyway, for example, if I tell burmecia to "SUCK MY DICK", it is in no way a personal attack, just a personal request that you may choose to ignore. ;)

In the rules, personally attacking another member constitutes as:
1. Insulting them because of their race/sexuality/culture/beliefs
2. Taking stuff from their personal journal to use against them in the community as a form of embarrassment/payback
3. Name calling in a serious manner. For example, me calling merlinspants an "skank whore" will get me a warning (if we don't know each other). Saying that shanny_w is "pretentious"... well that's true. LMFAO. Not.

You get two warnings before ban_shark's face gets hungry.

2. Ban_set

You get banned if you:
- get a third warning aka A BAN
- just being a complete asshole
- are an outright troll


These days, every single member gets so damn uptight about every single comment made. There are no exceptions in this case now. You stir shit, you get out. The mods tried to be very liberal regarding people voicing your opinions, but some people take that shit for granted. You still can voice your opinion, but if you do it in a goddamn troll-y, shit-stirring, way, I'm not even going to give you a warning.

Omona tries to be democratic, but in actuality, sometimes we're just a totalitarian state.

3. Trolling

3.1 What is an outright troll?

In my diagnosis, a troll is someone who:
- spams the community with irrelevant shit that slows the comm down
- messes up the tags (which you can't now anyway)
- posts a news piece and then changes it
- stirs up shit
- spams incessantly (with stupid comments, gifs and/or youtube videos)
- comments with irrelevant things in a post just to irk people

Even though you may not be a troll, sometimes one may exhibit troll-like behaviour when in the long presence of trolls, or when riled. Like when you guys gang up on 4Minute? Yeah. Please clam down and step back to breathe from time to time.

3.2 What should you do when you suspect someone is a troll?

The ancient proverb goes: "Do not feed the troll". This is a very enlightening and intelligent proverb. If you suspect that a certain user is a troll, for the love of god, do not antagonise it. If you do, do not come crying that so and so should be banned because so and so is rude and deluded etc because really, you asked for it.

The internet is not serious business. It is neither of life and death importance. Please don't take people that seriously on the internet. When shanny_w says that she hates twomin, she actually means she really loves her. So please don't over-react.

Just. Scroll. By.

DO NOT, also, accuse someone of being a troll without proof. (That said user may be just ~annoying~ or ~stupid~ and they have a license to be.) That will get you a warning too since it only causes suspicion. You can however, point your fingers at said troll if you DO have proof. I approve of that.

You may also email us if you think that it is of grave importance.

4. Quarelling between fandom

It is lame and stupid. Period.

shanny_w does not understand the love that SHINee gets from the rest of the mods (I got my SHINee photobook by the way. It is gorgeous.) and she doesn't go into the posts to complain excessively about their excessiveness. But she doesn't force So Ji Sub down our throats.

Rule #1 says: All artists/groups are fair game for criticism when it comes to posts.

It is okay for so and so to like 4minute and T-ara. It is also okay for so and so like Kara. It is their bloody business. It is okay for so and so to think that SHINee should not be near SNSD, or 4Minute or that they should be fucking amongst themselves. IT IS OKAY. It is your opinion and I couldn't care less.

But what is not okay is the assumption that you can make people change their minds, or if you think that you're a better, more elitist person just cos you like someone else. merlinspants does not like Taemin and no amount of convincing from twomin will change her mind. Continually picking on a certain member and it looks like bullying. That is not cool in my book and it might warrant a warning or a ban.

5. Membership

Membership is moderated. Please read the criteria. Even if your journal is more than 6 months but has no signs of life, it may be rejected. It is a mod's discretion and you may once again, email us. If you don't know why you're rejected, please PM a mod or email us instead of complaining, thanks. If your journal is not more than 6 months old, you may plead your case and you email us, but there is no guarantee.

The mods will go through the list every Tuesday and Friday. In between, please don't wail that you're not approved.

6. Other biznass

FFA is now once a week at these times.

4pm Los Angeles (Wednesday afternoon) 03/05/09
4pm Vancouver (Wednesday afternoon)
7pm Washington DC (Wednesday evening)
12am London (Thursday morning) 04/06/09
2am Helsinki (Thursday morning)
7am Singapore (Thursday morning)
9am Sydney (Thursday morning)

If your country is not listed, you may go here to check.

When i start ballin yall start ballin with me i gotchyall no matter what u guys take care and stay outta trouble

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