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summary of heading to ground making of video

Group 'TVXQ''s U-Know Yunho finished his first filming for the new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Heading to the Ground' [script: Park Sol Ji, Directing: Park Sungsoo] with co-star Lee Yoonji.
U-Know Yunho plays 'Bong-goon,' a soccer player who has nothing and lives an unlucky life but lives passionately to fulfill his dream of becoming a national soccer player while surviving three near-death experiences. This is U-Know Yunho's first attempt at acting since debuting five years ago.

The day's filming was shot in Bong-goon's house in Sangsoo-dong in which Bong-goon (U-Know Yunho) hears from Yeonji (Lee Yoonji) that the girl Bong-goon liked, Mi-gyung, is getting married and Bong-goon leaves the house furious. U-Know Yunho, who was known to be fully committed about his role and who had many in-depth discussions with the staff to fully understand the character that the script writer had wanted, was seen talking seriously with Director Park Sungsoo and listening to every direction so that he could capture the right character that was needed for 'Bong-goon.'

U-Know Yunho stated, "I thought I would be very nervous but we had a lot of active scenes from the first shoot so I had a lot of fun. I do feel burdened and pressured a bit as this is my first attempt at acting but I want to work hard to correctly portray Bong-goon who lives life to the fullest even though he doesn't live in the best conditions." U-Know Yunho, who is required to play center-forward in the drama, also showed off some of his soccer moves as he stated that he liked to play soccer during his free time.

On a side note, no fewer than 100 fans gathered around Bong-goon's house to catch a glimpse of the star in action. The Human Victory Spectacle, Human Drama 'Heading to the Ground' will begin airing on September 9th.

Reporter Jung Yoonhee
Video: Reporter Shim Jae Min

Source: [tvian+DNBN]
translated by jeeelim5 @ iscreamshinki

lol No wonder he got this role...

(idk where the html failure is...)
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