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Stillcuts to Bada’s comeback MV filming released!

Ahead of her comeback, singer Bada has filmed for her new MV and still cuts to the filming were revealed on 31st July.

In the still cuts, we get a sneakpeek into the atmosphere of her comeback songs, Bada monitoring the MV filming and also some shots of her with her backdancers.

The MV was filmed on 13th July in a filming set in GyeongGiDo.

The veil to Bada’s comeback will be lifted from 3rd August, and more details to her comeback 4th album will be released.

Source: sookyeong

Just an OT note: The mods and I will not be accepting ANY articles regarding the DBSK situation if it does not have a legit source or translation. Speculations, whether from a legit news source or not, are ftl. It has to be from a Korean official source (links and all) and the links to LEGIT translations (meaning Google Translator or BabelFish is not allowed). Opinion pieces from sites like Newsen, Hankooki or Chosun Ilbo will not be allowed through either. Only official legit news will be let in.
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