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miss A's comeback eve, let's wait for the music video with articles and pictures!

"Official schedule S.T.A.R.Ts"

'Miss A' finally comes back. They come back with the new album ‘Hush’ in a year.

On November 5, an exciting schedule starts officially. Is it a comeback stage? No. It is a day to visit reporters to give them their latest album. In other words, it is a comeback interview. That is why 'Miss A' spruced themselves up from the morning.

Miss A came back in a year. ‘Naver’ STARCAST is the first to cover their heart-pounding first schedule. Here is in front of J beauty salon in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam. It is 10:00 am of November 5. We closed up on 'Miss A' who left the salon after having their hair done.

This is the 'big sister' Fei. She gives off different vibes. She oozed with mature beauty. Her well-defined face looks beautiful in neatly-tied hair. The long black jacket is stylish. She did not forget to drink a cup of coffee that will remove the fatigue of an early morning.

"Call me a lady!" Min became a lady. The plump cheeks are gone. She has such a sharp chin line. Her fashion look is very feminine as well. The tweed coat emphasized feminine beauty.

Jia is still funky. She wore a unique two-piece outfit in natural wave hair. She carried a black cross bag. Can you see the accessories attached to the black walker boots? Jia was most interested in fashion among the Miss A members.

Finally, this is Suzy. She had such an outstanding visual. Suzy was Suzy even if she roughly tied her hair or wore a loose cardigan. Her exceptional beauty draw attention. We just opened the door of the beauty salon and saw a photo shoot.

Miss A members were engrossed in chatting with one another whenever possible. When their manager left them to take his car, words flooded out of their mouths. Once someone speaks, they immediately burst into laughter. They did not stop making fun of one another even on their way to their van. They were like real sisters.

"Let's Go!"

"Here Comes Miss A!"

"Let's do our best today!"

This was their first official schedule. The messages of support kept pouring in. The sociable member Min was busy answering her ever-ringing phone. She sends text messages and talks on the phone. Fei and Jia looked curious. Who is it?

'Miss A' already announced a shocking transformation. We are already wondering about their new change. They will put up their comeback stage on the cable channel’s 'Mcountdown' to be aired on November 7. We will look forward to mature music as much as their full-blown beauty.

Do you know that there is a seniority system among idol stars? Generally there is a seniority system based on age or period of training. The oldest member decides where to sit in a car and what to eat in a restaurant. What about Miss A? They stick to the order of arrival. What was it like that day?

"Who will go first?"

"Today’s first one is the second oldest Jia"

"Succeeding to put my feet in!"

"Min’s interception. She is the second"

"Fei, first! Suzy is the last"
» starcast/dispatch via mstar naver

Girl group miss A shouting I don't need a man aims the second half year's music industry with sexy performance.

Four years since debut. It is their first to come out with a title song not composed by Park Jin-young but by E-tribe. They are parading bar dance which is much more sexier than stick dance. Titled 'Hush' they will be featuring exhilarating feelings when kissing.

# miss A, sexier than ever

miss A well known to perform sexy triggering imaginations became really sexy. Lying on stage as they dance, bandage fashion and now their next shot is bar dance. They are expected to garner attention with extreme sexy bar dance performance.

Previous songs may have been tougher. Now they are alluring with feminie beauty. The song features the exhilarating feeling when kissing so the song is overall sexy. It will be not 19 and over but they will be delivering the erotic atmosphere well.

Now the members are all in their twenties. As other groups express more sexy miss A will feel more free to show off what really sexy is.

# severe sound source chart battle, will they top?

miss A will be releasing their second regular album. Will they be able to garner attention while top singers' comeback album tracks are dominating the charts? Currently the sound source charts' top ten is all dominated by 'Infinite Challenge' tracks. They are raising curiosity regarding whether they will be able to enter on top beating 'Infinite Challenge'.

'Hush' is not a general strong melody. Instead it is more a peculiar sound based on acoustic sounds. It may be a challenge. But if their performance become an issue, promising result will naturally come along.

Agency JYP is looking forward to the perfect sound source, MV, and performance.
» osen via mstar naver

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